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Mild Steel

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Our online metal warehouse stocks a wide range of mild steel products for fast delivery across the UK. We carry all the shapes, sizes and grades of steel stock needed for structural fabrication, construction, manufacturing, and maintenance & repair applications. Choose from bar stock, sheet, plate, beams, angles, hollow sections and more. Don't see the size you need? Get an instant quote for custom lengths, cut to size free of charge.

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    Mild Steel Sheet

    Cut to size mild steel sheet, any shape, any size.

    Buy Mild Steel Sheet
    Steel Checker Plate

    Mild Steel Checker Plate Sheets cut to your exact requirements.

    Buy Checker Plate
    CorTen Steel Sheet

    CorTen weathering steel sheets, the perfect low maintenance option.

    Buy CorTen
    Mild Steel Angle Irons

    We stock leg measurements from 13mm to 150mm and thicknesses from 3mm to 10mm ready to be cut to your required length.

    Buy Angle Irons
    Mild Steel Flat Bars

    Sizes from 10mm x 3mm up to 300mm x 16mm ready to be cut to your desired length.

    Buy Flat Bars
    Mild Steel Round Bars

    We stock steel rods in thicknesses of 6mm up to 50mm which can be cut to any length.

    Buy Round Bars
    Mild Steel Square Bars

    Sizes from 10mm to 40mm which can be cut to your exact requirements.

    Buy Square Bars
    Mild Steel Box Sections

    We supply a wide range of square and rectangular sizes, with thicknesses from 1.2mm to 150mm which can be cut to any length.

    Buy Box Sections
    Mild Steel Channel Sections

    Channel sections are the perfect structural component for all of your construction projects. Also known as U channels or C sections.

    Buy Channels
    Mild Steel T-Sections

    We stock 40mm and 50mm T sections in 5mm and 6mm thicknesses ready to be cut to your required length.

    Buy T Sections

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Mild Steel FAQs

Mild steel is a type of carbon steel with low carbon content, making it one of the most common and versatile materials used in construction, manufacturing, and various industries.

You can find out more about mild steel in this article: What is Mild Steel?

Mild steel offers benefits such as affordability, ease of fabrication, good strength, and ductility, making it ideal for a wide range of structural and manufacturing applications.

Some of the most common applications for mild steel include:

  • Structural steelwork - Mild steel is used extensively in the construction industry for structural frameworks, bridges, and buildings due to its weldability and strength, ideal for fabrication.
  • Automotive industry - Parts like chassis components, panels, wheels, and engine parts are commonly made from mild steel sheet metal. It provides the required durability at a low cost.
  • Storage tanks and vessels - The low cost and formability of mild steel along with good welds make it suitable for large tanks and pressure vessels.
  • Railways - Steel tracks, carriages and trains all rely on mild steel products for frames, bodies, wheels and axles. Furniture - Steel tubing, bars, and sheets are used to make desks, racks, panels and other furniture parts combining strength and style.
  • General manufacturing - From brackets and base plates to gears, pulleys and machine components, mild steel is the most widely used metal due to availability, machinability and cost.
  • Construction supplies - Steel rebar, tubes, sheets, angles and more provide low-cost structural materials for all types of building projects.

Yes, mild steel will rust through corrosion as it does not contain enough chromium to make it stainless. The iron in the steel reacts with moisture in the air to form iron oxide, or rust. Using galvanised or other coated mild steel helps provide corrosion resistance.

Mild steel offers benefits such as affordability, ease of fabrication, good strength, and ductility, making it ideal for a wide range of structural and manufacturing applications.

Mild steel contains a low percentage of carbon and is susceptible to rust, while stainless steel has added chromium, making it highly corrosion-resistant.

Due to its low carbon content, typically less than 0.3%, mild steel is less prone to cracking than higher carbon steel, which makes it an excellent material for welding. The most common welding processes used are manual metal arc (MMA) also known as stick welding, MIG (GMAW), and TIG (GTAW). Flux-cored arc welding can also be used.

The weight-bearing capacity of mild steel depends on factors like the type, thickness, and design of the steel, as well as the specific application. Engineering calculations are often needed for precise load-bearing specifications.

Mild steel can be cut using saws, shears, plasma or cutting torches, abrasive discs, and waterjets, although the method of cutting depends on the profile, size and finish of your mild steel product. For more help with cutting your steel, check out the following guides:

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