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Plinths & Pedestals

From museum displays to retail and events and even around the home and garden, plinths or pedestals are ideal for showcasing products and artefacts. Available in a selection of materials and finishes, including square, round, and hexagonal, all of our plinths are modern and sophisticated while still being practical. Professionally finished with paint or lacquer, our pedestals give a beautiful and easy-to-clean surface to decorate or use and display. Fully customisable and bespoke, our plinth and pedestal options allow for a truly unique design to every plinth we create, whether for a commercial or residential space. For those intending to use it in the commercial environment, plinths are a great way to elevate your products and items of note to make them easier for visitors and customers to see. As such, plinths or pedestals make a striking display when grouped with the same design of different heights and sizes. The perfect promotion tool, our plinths offer excellent value for money and are sure to last years of use. Similarly, plinths have become a modern staple in the home for adding a striking feature and are often used in tandem with a monotonic palette though have been known to contrast excellently against vibrant spaces adding depth through the manipulation of heights. Made from our highest quality Medite Premier MDF our plinths are tough and hard-wearing to meet the rigours of your application regardless of your design or application.

Plinth and Pedestal Key Features


MDF is a popular and adaptable material that is made up of small strands of mixed hard and softwoods, combined with resins and wax to produce a hard-wearing but lightweight panel which we use to construct all faces of a plinth.


Due to the small strands that construct the sheet, our MDF is ideal for use in environments where safety is key, as this sheet is light to install and fit. Plus when built into a plinth, allows the full feature to be easily carried or manoeuvered.


Our standard grade MDF takes well to most adhesives and paints, this makes it an ideal solution for those looking to create an inexpensive project, as our MDF makes for a cheaper alternative.


Compared to alternate materials, our standard grade MDF provides an inexpensive solution for DIY or construction for plinths.


Our standard grade MDF takes well to being machined and cut, meaning that we can customize your plinth to fit any spaces that you wish. Our standard grade MDF is also ideal for painting and priming for your design.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a display plinth?

Display plinths are designed to help products sell and stand out among the crowd. Each of our display plinths is made of the highest quality MDF to ensure longevity and durability.

What is a wooden plinth?

Our MDF plinths are plinths, also known as a pedestal, made from our high-quality MDF and constructed for display purposes.

What is a plinth made of?

Plinths are made from sturdy and versatile standard grade MDF and painted a satin white. We construct it for you saving you time, ensuring that the end result is smooth and high quality.

What is the use of plinth?

Through the manipulation of height and how our brains are wired to move our eyes, plinths grab our attention with depth and shadow, which when partnered with an interesting light feature can create attention on a product placed atop.

What is the height of the plinth?

Our plinths range in height from 200mm to 1200mm tall depending on the result you are intending for.

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