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Furniture Boards

  UK's Leading Supplier of Cut to Size Furniture Board

We offer a wide range of cut-to-size furniture boards, including MDFMFC, melamine and veneered boards. Whether you find you're looking for a simple shelf or a complex piece of furniture, we have the laminated furniture board you need. Our furniture boards are made from high-quality sheet materials that are cut to your exact specifications, ensuring a perfect fit and a great look. We also offer a variety of finishes and edge types, so you can customise your furniture boards to match your décor. With brands available including Saviola, EGGER and Kronospan, our furniture boards allow for design matching with styles like marble effect, wood planks, and solid colours.

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What are furniture boards?

Furniture board is a versatile sheet material used in the construction of furniture and various interior applications. It is a type of engineered wood board, also known as particleboard or chipboard, made by compressing wood particles with a resin binder. This process creates a strong and very stable surface board that is ideal for furniture construction projects.

As well as a range of thicknesses and custom edging tape options, we also provide priming and lacquering for your furniture panels giving a high-quality finish. With real wood veneers including oakpine, and beech, our cut-to-size furniture boards offer an inexpensive alternative to true solid wood boards in a fully customisable range of edge types, sizes and finishes.

What are furniture boards used for?

Furniture boards are a versatile sheet material used for various applications in furniture construction and interior design. Some common applications for furniture board include:

  • Tables: Often the most thought of furniture type that best suits furniture panels are tables. The work surface of tables makes for an ideal swap for furniture boards as the unlimited finishes and capabilities of furniture panel boards can give you a truly unique look without the expense or weight of true wood or materials.

  • Wall Panels: The smooth, durable surface allows for easy cleaning, making furniture board an excellent material for installing stylish wall panelling. It can be used to cover an entire wall or arranged in creative patterns, with simple DIY installation. Our affordable furniture board opens up numerous possibilities for upgrading walls on a budget.

  • Shelves: Comparable to furniture boards used by any Swedish furniture brand store, our panels are ideal for those after the appearance of solid wood furniture at an inexpensive price. Whether used as a floating shelf, or a partition, furniture boards make for the best possible shelving DIY project.

  • Cabinet Construction: White furniture boards are commonly used to build kitchen cabinet doors, bathroom cabinets, and other storage units. They provide a stable, smooth and durable base for attaching hinges, handles, and other hardware.

  • Desks and Workstations: Furniture board is used to build desks table tops and workstations, providing a spacious and stable surface for studying, working, or crafting. They can be combined with other materials, such as metal legs or glass tops, to create stylish and functional furniture pieces.

Key features of furniture panels


We make sure that all furniture boards are customised exactly to measure, meaning that your panels and products will arrive ready to install, saving you time and money.


Made from either MDF or MFC our furniture boards are incredibly durable, with our melamine-applied sheets also offering waterproof capabilities when edge banded and sealed.


Relative to solid wood, both MDF and MFC become inexpensive alternatives to solid wood and decorative materials such as marble or concrete.

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