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Custom Height Shaker Wall Panelling Kit

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  Made in the UK
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Wall panelling is an easy and stylish way to transform the interior of your home. Just provide the wall dimensions and customise the number of rows, columns, and battens.

We'll cut all the strips for you, so you can apply and paint your panelling kit with ease. No need for wall panelling calculators or MDF sawing. Just measure and stick!

Please note: The wainscot cap is included in the total height of the product.

For walls exceeding 1500mm in length, we will supply multiple equal-sized panels to be joined at the midpoint to make the total length required, ensuring seamless coverage regardless of orientation.

* Use the technical view on the visualiser to note down measurements for installation.

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DIY Custom Height Shaker Wall Panelling Details

It's never been easier to order and install custom height shaker wall panelling.

No need for pesky calculators and complicated diagrams, simply enter your dimensions and preferred number of columns and rows and all the pieces are cut exactly to size. It will then be delivered straight to your door, all you have to do is stick it on the wall!

We can even provide a popular picture shelf to display your home decor.

Please note that if you have chosen the pre-priming option and have a picture shelf wainscot, the front-facing edge of the triangular support may not be primed. This is because the supports are cut from a pre-primed board, and the primer may have come off during the cutting process. However, the supports are still suitable for painting.

Read our guide on how to install your wall panelling.

Our custom height shaker wall panelling allows you to create Wainscoting Panelling which is a traditional Wall Panelling technique dating back centuries.

By panelling just the lower half of your walls, you can leave room for shelving, lighting or painting on your upper walls.

A good way to decide where you would like to fit your half-height panelling is to consider what furniture and home decor are already in the room, and where your panelling would look best around it.

A made to measure solution that was quick to be delivered and very easy to install. I have already recommended to a friend.

Mr Bendell

What Makes Cut My Wainscot Shaker Panels the Best in the UK?

It's not because our custom height shaker panels are crafted from sustainable MDF and the latest CNC machinery, as most companies can boast using sustainable wood.

It's because we work out all the measurements for you and we cut every strip to size, ensuring a perfect fit. All you need to do is enter your wall measurements!

Shop anywhere else and you'll find you have to cut the MDF at home yourself making an unsightly mess and waste that needs to be taken to the tip.

With Cut My you receive a ready-to-install solution, eliminating mess and hassle and saving you time and effort.

We also help you out with the design process with our handy visualiser so that you can see what your panelling will look like with 4 rows or 2, 3 columns or 5.

And let's not forget the numerous options available from batten width and thickness to the type of wainscot cap! All options you won't find elsewhere.

Cut to fit your space perfectly

Easy to install, no tools needed!
Sustainable, FSC-certified wood

Suitable for commercial use

Need Some Inspiration?

Making use of our cut-to-size MDF, DIY wainscoting shaker wall panelling has now become a very cost-effective way to breathe new life into your home. It is the perfect feature to add character to any space and is particularly popular in hallways, bedrooms and living rooms.

Accentuating a wall with this kit can help define a room by lifting it with elegance and texture whilst aiding any interior design themes or styles.

There are plenty of personalisation possibilities to add flair to the home with multiple designs and colours.

Wainscoting also gives you the option of having a two-tone colour palette. People are getting bolder with their wall colours now, but it might seem overwhelming to paint an entire wall green. With Wall Panelling at half height on the wall, you can still apply bold colour to your room without it being too overpowering.

half height wall panelling in hallway instagram
half height wall panelling kitchen
half height wall panelling in bedroom

Custom height wall panelling is also an excellent way to guard your walls, preventing damage to the walls where it is likely to get dented or scuffed by furniture knocking into it.

To complete your DIY wall panelling, all you will need is our easy self-install DIY wall panels and any form of fixings, whether it be nails or adhesive.

We provide your wall panelling exactly to your specifications and measurements so there is no need for you to have to cut anything at home and no wastage.

We can also professionally prime the pieces, so all you have to do is stick them to the wall and paint them.

A simple splash of colour on the panelling can elevate the room and bring both light and texture to your room!


Share your Wall Panelling with us to feature on our website. Simply mention @cutmy.uk on Instagram or upload a photo and tag us!

Please note: Our maximum panel length for our courier is 1500mm. If your wall is longer than this and therefore you enter dimensions larger than 1500mm, we will provide you with multiple pieces to make up the total length required. We will make sure that the panels are cut to equal sizes so that they can be joined in the middle.

Our wall panelling is available in 6mm MDF, 9mm MDF and 12mm MDF. These are all perfect for use in bedrooms, kitchens and hallways. You can also choose the width of your MDF battens to be 50mm, 80mm, 100mm or 120mm. 100mm is our most commonly bought width and is therefore set to this at default.

Looking for an easy-to-paint option? The premium MDF wall panel strips we offer can be primed so they can be painted as soon as they arrive, and they are made of high-density premium MDF, which means less preparation and painting.

Green Forest

Sustainably Sourced

Our shaker panelling is crafted using Medite MDF. Medite MDF is highly sustainable, as it is sourced from FSC-certified forests. This certification ensures responsible forest management, preserving biodiversity and respecting community rights.

The production process also uses wood fibers efficiently, reducing waste and environmental impact, making Medite MDF an eco-friendly choice.

Add a picture shelf as your wainscot cap

Our customisable MDF shelf is the perfect addition to our custom height wall panelling kit. The picture shelf is made from high-quality 18mm MDF material so it is not only durable but also versatile enough to complement any home decor.

Our Picture Shelf is cut to size so that it is the same length as your wall panelling kit. Once installed, you will be creating a seamless and cohesive look for your wall space. The flat surface of the shelf provides ample space to display your favourite decorative items and family photos.

Prefer a Dado Rail for a more traditional look? No problem, we also offer shaker wall panelling with a dado rail.

Our MDF shelf is easy to install, and you don’t even need to drill into your walls! The shelf can be attached securely to the wall panelling kit with the included adhesive.

Our picture shelves come with the exact number of support blocks and glue required, as well as an easy-to-follow installation manual.

When opting for your wall panelling kit to come primed, we will also prime both sides of the shelf so that it can easily be painted upon delivery to your door.

We offer our picture shelving in both 80mm and 120mm in depth, so you can decide between the options as to how far you would like your shelving to come out from the wall.

Picture shelves are the perfect storage solution to display your cherished memories as well as enhance your space with custom-height wall panelling. Upgrade your wall panelling kit with our customizable MDF shelf today and transform your living space into a stylish and functional haven.

Please note, the picture shelf is intended for decorative purposes only.

half height wall panelling in living room

Easy Installation

After ordering your wood wall panelling comes the important part. Installation. Don't worry - we include a wall panelling manual within your kit which can help you with installation.

Below is also a step-by-step guide to assist you to install your new and outstanding wall panelling.

What You Will Need

Half installed unpainted wall panelling

How to Install Wood Panelling

The technical view of our visualiser (at the top of this page) will show you which measurements you need between each batten based on your input. Make sure to note down these measurements when ordering the kit so that you know how far apart you should be marking the measurements when it comes to installing it.

Our Wall Panelling Kit includes a physical Installation Manual which provides more detail and recommendations on which order to install the panels in.

Step 1: Organise

Lay out the MDF wall panels on the floor and group them based on size.

Step 2: Stencil

Using a pencil mark where the MDF wall panels need to be positioned on the wall. You can use the measurements provided in the 'Technical View' of our visualiser for spacing.

Step 3: Stick

Apply a thin layer of adhesive on your MDF wall panels and stick to the walls where you have previously marked them.

Step 4: Level

Use a spirit level to make sure the MDF wall panel pieces are aligned correctly and fix when level. Wait to dry.

Step 5: Add your picture shelf

If you've added a picture shelf to your order it's time to install it. Detailed instructions are provided with your kit.

Step 6: Fill

Once dry, use wall filler to fill any gaps between the strips. If you've measured well, the gaps should be small.

Step 7: Caulk

Caulk around all edges of the MDF wall panels making sure to smooth evenly with a clean slightly wet finger or application tool. Once this is done, wait until dry.

Step 8: Prep

Prep the panelling for painting by sanding the joins which you've filled with filler. This helps the paint adhere and makes the join seamless and flat.

Step 9: Prime

Apply the wood primer evenly and wait to dry. You can skip this step if you chose for us to apply the priming for you.

Step 10: Paint

Paint the panels and walls with your chosen colour. We're loving deep greens at the moment, like Farrow & Ball's Green Smoke as shown in the visualiser.

How to install Wall Panelling and Picture Shelf

Wall Panelling Key Features


Wood wall panelling is made easy with the use of our Standard MDF sheets, which are a popular and adaptable material made up of small strands of mixed hard and softwoods, combined with resins and wax to produce a hard-wearing but lightweight panel.


Due to the small strands that construct the sheet, our Standard Grade MDF sheets are ideal for completing wood wall panelling as the wood panels are light to install and fit.


Our MDF wall panels take well to most adhesives and paints. As such MDF wall panels allow for fantastic possibilities for adding colour and creativity. For more wall panelling ideas for how MDF can be best-used check our guide Choosing the Right MDF.


Far cheaper than solid wood of the same size, MDF wall panels are a cheaper material to work with and are ideal for completing wood wall panelling due to their ability to be produced and shipped cheaply and quickly for fast installation.


Our sheet takes well to most adhesives and paints, so are great for customising for different projects including bedroom wall panels, decorative wall panels, hallway panelling, wood wall cladding and bathroom wall panels. Additionally, wood wall panelling is easy to fabricate and fix with screws, nails or glues. Further, we can provide MDF wall panels exactly to your specifications and measurements, and can include options for customisations such as Cut-Outs for plug sockets, or fixtures on the wall should you require them.



Share your Wall Panelling with us to feature on our website. Simply mention @cutmy.uk on Instagram or upload a photo and tag us!

Wall Panelling Specifications

Material Wood - MDF
Finish Standard (Unfinished)
Available Thicknesses 6mm, 9mm, 12mm
Fire Rating Euroclass D
Moisture Content 5-9%
Manufacturers Tolerances +/- 10% plus 0.4mm (e.g. 5mm cast sheet could vary from 4.1mm to 5.9mm)
Cutting Tolerances +/- 1mm

For the full technical details, download the manufacturer's datasheet here:

Medite Premier MDF Data Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wall Panelling expensive?

MDF wall panelling is an inexpensive option in comparison to using solid wood, or plywood. The cost of the wall panelling will vary depending on the size of the wall, though is a cheaper alternative to other ways of decorating a wall.

Is Wall Panelling outdated?

According to current trends, wall panelling is very popular and is continuing to rise. Today many homeowners opt for MDF wall Panelling as a great way to add a feature to a wall or to decorate it with texture and depth. Wall panelling can also be repainted to follow the current colour trends.

What is Wall Panelling made of?

Our wall panelling is made from MDF. This is a medium-density fibreboard and is an engineered wood-based sheet made by bonding together wood fibres with a synthetic resin adhesive and pressure.

How do you measure for Wall Panelling?

All you need to do is simply measure out the area that you would like to panel with a tape measure and input your measurements into our site along with your column/row preferences. Our site will work out the rest for you!

What comes in the Wall Panelling Kit?

Our wall panelling kits contain made-to-measure MDF Battens to create the shaker effect on your walls as well as a short instructional leaflet for installing them. We can supply the additional materials you will need for installation like adhesive, dust sheets, primer and filler. These can be added to your cart in the kit configuration tool on the Wall Panelling page, or found on the accessories page. Backing boards for unfinished walls are not included.

How do you put up Wall Panelling?

Wall panelling can easily be installed using adhesive, or screws. We would also recommend making sure you use a spirit level when installing to make sure that the pieces are flat. In addition, we have an installation guide for our MDF Wall Panelling.

Does your MDF come primed?

Our Moisture Resistant MDF comes unprimed, but you can select for us to prime the wood for you. This will save you the time and effort of doing it yourself, so once your panelling arrives, it’s ready to paint!

Can I paint on MDF?

Often chosen for its inexpensive cost to create furniture, MDF can be painted to add some character or personality to any piece. We have written a guide to assist you in painting your MDF.

What is the best colour to paint Wall Panelling?

Following current trends, we see the colours shift according to the season and trend. Though typically people opt for painting MDF a darker shade, either green or blue, to manipulate any natural lighting and create interesting depth with shadows.

What are Picture Shelves and how can I add them to my order?

Picture shelves are thin strips of MDF that can be attached to the top of your wall panelling to create a ledge for displaying photos, art or other items. You can add picture shelves to your wall panelling kit by selecting the option “Picture Shelf” and choosing the thickness of the shelf.

How do I paint my Picture Shelf?

You can paint your picture shelves in the same way as you paint your wall panelling. You can use any type of paint that is suitable for MDF, such as acrylic, emulsion or gloss. If you select for your wall panelling kit to be primed before delivery, then we will prime your picture shelf too.

How much weight can Picture Shelves hold?

The weight a picture shelf can hold will depend on its length and depth. You should avoid placing heavy or fragile items on your picture shelves, as they may fall or damage your wall panelling.

What are the benefits of adding Picture Shelves to my Wall Panelling Kit?

Picture shelves can add style and functionality to your wall panelling kit. They can create a focal point for your room, showcase your personality and interests, and make use of vertical space. They can also protect your wall from marks and scratches caused by hanging frames or nails.



Delivery depends on the size of your order


Star Rating
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4.6 / 5 68 reviews
customer, 16th July
Star Rating
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Star Rating
Product is fantastic, excellent quality and super easy to install. Price was brilliant as was quoted hundreds of pounds to get the perfect panelling for our bedroom and this ended up costing just over £30 which I was again hesitant about thinking it was too good to be true. Would highly recommend this company and will use them again! Cannot fault a thing, measurements were perfect!
Verified, Collected by Cut My
Carol Hepburn, 15th July
Star Rating
Star Rating
Star Rating
Star Rating
Star Rating
The updates re our order were excellent. The panelling itself was so easy to put up and were absolute amateurs. We've not painted ours yet or I would have added photos but I’d highly recommend this company for both their products and customer service 5*
Verified, Collected by Cut My
David Wilkinson, 12th July
Star Rating
Star Rating
Star Rating
Star Rating
Star Rating
Awful. Had an issue as they sent me part of the incorrectly. I sent in the information they requested to show the order was wrong and they have ignored the customer complaint. Do not buy from them as they have no customer service in place to resolve any issues.
Verified, Collected by Cut My
Tracy, 2nd July
Star Rating
Star Rating
Star Rating
Star Rating
Star Rating
Product was easy to use and well packaged.
Verified, Collected by Cut My
Mark Lawrence, 29th June
Star Rating
Star Rating
Star Rating
Star Rating
Star Rating
Late delivery, sent emails and never any response or refund.
Verified, Collected by Cut My
Mrs Alison, 13th June
Star Rating
Star Rating
Star Rating
Star Rating
Star Rating
Great package - Only concern is if the shelf holds the test of time, Maybe a few more instructions on that would have been good
Verified, Collected by Cut My
caroline Arnold, 8th June
Star Rating
Star Rating
Star Rating
Star Rating
Star Rating
Really happy with the product. Was cut to perfection Very happy dealing with this company Made ordering very easy
Verified, Collected by Cut My
Alanna Louise Bowden-Gray, 5th June
Star Rating
Star Rating
Star Rating
Star Rating
Star Rating
Very happy, super easy to install and made to my measurements. Still need to put the shelves up but getting someone in to do this as our walls aren’t flat!
Verified, Collected by Cut My
Karen Carty, 3rd June
Star Rating
Star Rating
Star Rating
Star Rating
Star Rating
Fast delivery and cut perfectly to size.
Verified, Collected by Cut My
nicky, 3rd June
Star Rating
Star Rating
Star Rating
Star Rating
Star Rating
I bought this as a pack to make the job easier as I was 32 weeks pregnant. I tried to save time on cutting. The pack arrived with a small pot of PVA glue and suggested that even the 10cm deep shelf was glued to the wall without any substantial fixings!! Obviously not suitable at all. As such I ended up in B&Q buying some additional wood and creating a study screwed fixation with lots of additional cutting required. Overall, the pack is not fit for purpose so I would recommend just buying the raw wood and cutting, you’ll end up needed to do this anyway to support a shelf
Verified, Collected by Cut My
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