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Decorative Panels

Decorative panels are a brilliant way of adding depth and design to your plain walls. While this may instinctively invoke thoughts of wainscoting, also known as wall panelling, decorative panels can also make use of a wide variety of wood sheet materials and products. Most commonly constructed from MDF sheets due to their phenomenal properties for customisation.

What Are Decorative Panels?

We can provide MDF sheets in multiple forms from textured MDF, replicating effects like cobblestone to concrete, while our coloured and twincolour MDF sheets manipulate the use of depth and solid colour excellently as their vibrancy adds a decorative touch.

With this we are fully able to customise any decorative panels to allow for all shapes and sizes, allowing decorative panels to accommodate elements in the room such as sockets or preexisting decorations.

As our textured MDF includes a physical tactility, when applied to a room this allows for a layer of intrigue and physicality to a room that can often be missing. For example, our Fuji textured sheet allows the horizontal grooves to assist the eye-line of the room, with the visual depth providing a similar sensation to its textured touch.

Contrasting that with the solid vibrancy of the coloured MDF, this adds a decorative flair when placed strategically to draw out the other tones in the room. Whether caused by routing into the twincolour MDF, or using it as a solid colour sheet, the possibilities of the varying shades enable all palettes and designs.

Decorative Panel Applications & Uses

Decorative panels can be used in a multitude of places and applications. Given their inexhaustible range, decorative panels allow for even the simplest of designs to be elevated and transformed into a design wonder.


When the room we spend the most time in is the kitchen, it helps to have it be a place of joy and conversation. With decorative panels, you can make it exactly that. Used either over cupboards, or behind cabinets, or over the wall itself, with a decorative panel you can give the kitchen a sensational element of regality at an affordable price, while the benefits of MDF allow for longevity and versatility no matter whether its a midnight fridge raid or a dinner party with friends.


Partnering excellently with our cut to size service, we can cut decorative panels to fit behind shelving units providing an additional layer of depth guiding the eye to the shelf itself.


Treating your bedroom as more than a place to sleep is crucial in waking up relaxed and mentally refreshed. With decorative panels, you can sleep with ease knowing that your bedroom matches that calming sensation we all need. Perhaps even with twincoloured MDF, we can do vibrant nameplates for kids’ bedrooms giving them ownership of their room.

Decorative Panels Key Features 


Where decorative panels excel is in our ability to deliver everything ready to install. Pre-cut and made to measure, your decorative panels will be ready to install requiring no further finishings as opposed to traditional MDF which may require priming.


With the properties of MDF, made from compressed fibres, the sheet is exceptionally strong and sturdy providing versatility and durability lasting for many years. 


Relative to solid wood, our MDF decorative panels provide an affordable solution without affecting quality. 

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