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Wall Panelling

It's never been easier to order and install our wood wall panels. Simply enter your dimensions and use our visualiser to design your decorative wall panelling. All the pieces are cut exactly to size and shipped straight to your door, all you have to do is stick it on the wall!

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DIY Wall Panelling

To order your MDF wood wall panelling, simply choose your preferred style and enter your wall dimensions along with how many rows and columns you would like.

We’ll work out everything for you and cut it all to size so that all you need to do is stick it on the wall! You won’t have to cut anything at home and there’s no waste for you to worry about. We can even prime the front face of your MDF wall panels so that they are ready to paint straight away, saving you time and effort.

If you would like, you can select the option for us to professionally prime the fronts of your MDF pieces, so all you have to do is stick them to the wall when they arrive and paint them. A simple splash of colour on the panelling can elevate the room and bring both light and texture to your room!

For our shaker wall panelling options, you will receive cut-to-size MDF which is perfect for use in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and hallways.


Full Height Shaker Wall Panelling

Create a gorgeous feature wall with floor-to-ceiling shaker wall panelling, popular in living rooms and large open areas in the home to define the living or dining area. You can add as many rows and columns as you need to create the perfect look. Panelling a high humidity area? We've got you covered with Full-Height Bathroom Panelling using moisture-resistant MDF.

Full Height Shaker Wall Panelling Bedroom
Full Height Shaker Wall Panelling Grey Living Room
Full Height Shaker Wall Panelling Brown Living Room
Full Height Shaker Wall Panelling Grey Living Room

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Custom Height Shaker Wall Panelling

Half-height wall panelling - also known as Wainscoting is a traditional Wall Panelling technique which dates back centuries. Half-height panelling is popular in hallways to make the hallway appear longer than it is. Many of our customers panel the lower half of their bathroom walls to add character, for this we recommend our Custom Height Bathroom Panelling which includes moisture-resistant MDF

Custom Height Shaker Wall Panelling Hallway
Custom Height Shaker Wall Panelling Bedroom
Half Height Shaker Wall Panelling Dining Room
Custom Height Shaker Wall Panelling Bedroom


Custom Height Shaker Wall Panelling with a Dado Rail

Add a traditional touch to your decorative wall panelling with a dado rail. Our solid timber decorative moulding is the perfect addition to your low-height wainscoting style wall panelling, giving a more traditional, classic look than shaker wall panelling on its own.

Popular in hallways placed at one-third of the wall height or in bedrooms at two-thirds on the wall behind the bed. Accentuating a wall with this kit can help define a room by lifting it with elegance and texture whilst aiding any interior design themes or styles. Many of our customers add a dado rail to their wall panelling in a nursery with a whimsical wallpaper above the dado and the wall panelling in a complementary neutral colour. If you're planning on panelling your bathroom or other high-humidity areas we recommend using our Custom Height Bathroom Wall Panelling with a Dado Rail which includes moisture-resistant MDF.

Our shaker wall panelling with dado rail is made up of 6mm MDF strips and a solid timber dado rail to stick directly onto the wall to create the panelled effect. These can all be primed and ready to paint, saving you time and effort. We can provide all the tools you’ll need along with detailed instructions on how to install your panelling.

Custom Height Shaker Wall Panelling With Dado in Nursery
Custom Height Shaker Wall Panelling With Dado in Bedroom
Custom Height Shaker Wall Panelling With Dado in Bedroom
Custom Height Shaker Wall Panelling With Dado in Dining Room

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Modern Wall Panelling

How to Install Wood Panelling

The technical view of our visualiser on each product page will show you which measurements you need between each batten. Make sure to note down these measurements when ordering your kit so that you know how far apart you should be marking the measurements when it comes to installing.

Each kit comes with a physical installation manual which provides more detail and recommendations on which order to install the panels and will include instructions for your picture shelf, dado and/or beading.

Step 1: Organise

Lay out the MDF wall panels on the floor and group them based on size.

Step 2: Stencil

Using a pencil mark where the MDF wall panels need to be positioned on the wall. You can use the measurements provided in the 'Technical View' of our visualiser for spacing.

Step 3: Stick

Apply a thin layer of adhesive on your MDF wall panels and stick them to the walls where you have previously marked them. We strongly advise you to read our installation manual for this step.

Step 4: Level

Use a spirit level to make sure the MDF wall panel pieces are aligned correctly and fix when level. Wait to dry.

Step 5: Fill

Once dry, use wall filler to fill any gaps between the strips. If you've measured well, the gaps should be small.

Step 6: Caulk

Caulk around all edges of the MDF wall panels making sure to smooth evenly with a clean slightly wet finger or application tool. Once this is done, wait until dry.

Step 7: Prep

Prep the panelling for painting by sanding the joins which you've filled with filler. This helps the paint adhere and makes the join seamless and flat.

Step 8: Prime

Apply the wood primer evenly and wait to dry. You can skip this step if you chose for us to apply the priming for you.

Step 9: Paint

Paint the panels and wall with your chosen colour. We're loving deep greens at the moment, like Farrow & Ball's Green Smoke as shown in the visualiser.

Step 10: Add your picture shelf, dado and/or beading.

Finally, you'll add any extras depending on the wall panelling kit you've purchased. Full instructions will be provided.




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Frequently Asked Questions

Is wall Panelling expensive?

MDF wall panelling is an inexpensive option in comparison to using solid wood, or plywood. The cost of the wall panelling will vary depending on the size of the wall, though is a cheaper alternative to other ways of decorating a wall.

Is wall panelling outdated?

According to current trends, wall panelling is very popular and is continuing to rise. Today many homeowners opt for MDF wall Panelling as a great way to add a feature to a wall or to decorate it with texture and depth. Wall panelling can also be repainted to follow the current colour trends.

What is wall Panelling made of?

Our wall panelling is made from MDF. This is a medium-density fibreboard and is an engineered wood-based sheet made by bonding together wood fibres with a synthetic resin adhesive and pressure.

How do you measure for wall Panelling?

All you need to do is simply measure out the area that you would like to panel with a tape measure and input your measurements into our site along with your column/row preferences. Our site will work out the rest for you!

What comes in the wall panelling kit?

Our wall panelling kits contain made-to-measure MDF strips to create the shaker effect on your walls as well as a short instructional leaflet for installing them. We can supply the additional materials you will need for installation like adhesive, dust sheets, primer and filler. These can be added to your cart in the kit configuration tool on the Wall Panelling page, or found on the accessories page. Backing boards for unfinished walls are not included.

How do you put up Wall Panelling?

Wall panelling can easily be installed using adhesive, or screws. We would also recommend making sure you use a spirit level when installing to make sure that the pieces are flat. In addition, we have an installation guide for our MDF Wall Panelling.

Does your MDF come primed?

Our MDF comes unprimed, but you can select for us to prime the wood for you. This will save you the time and effort of doing it yourself, so once your panelling arrives, it’s ready to paint!

Can I paint on MDF?

Often chosen for its inexpensive cost to create furniture, MDF can be painted to add some character or personality to any piece. We have written a guide to assist you in painting your MDF.

What is the best colour to paint wall panelling?

Following current trends, we see the colours shift according to the season and trend. Typically people opt for painting MDF a darker shade, either green or blue, to manipulate any natural lighting and create interesting depth with shadows.

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