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Made to Measure Slat Panelling

Introduce a touch of sophistication and elegance to your interior with our made-to-measure slat panelling. Meticulously crafted to your exact specifications, our slat panels will ensure your home looks like it’s pulled straight out of your favourite Instagram feed or Ideal Home magazine.

Slat wall in hallway

Crafted with Precision

At the heart of our made-to-measure slat panels lies a commitment to achieving perfect symmetry. Each panel is cut to size with unparalleled precision, ensuring a seamless visual flow that captivates the eye. The end slats are expertly trimmed to equal sizes, creating a harmonious and balanced look that adds depth and character to your space. You can keep on looking for panelling with such precise symmetry cut for you, but you won't find it anywhere else but here.

6 Colour Options

Acoustic Properties

We considered using felt like competitors but found MDF offered superior acoustic properties and a solid, wall-adhering product. MDF excels as a soundproofing material due to its dense, randomly oriented fibre matrix that impedes sound transmission. Its highly compressed core effectively blocks sound waves, making it outstanding for soundproofing in construction, furniture, and acoustic treatments, ensuring a quieter environment.

Slat Panel Close Up
Green Forest

Sustainably Sourced

The veneered MDF we use for our made-to-measure slat panels is manufactured by FINSA, not just because it is the highest quality on the market but because they are deeply committed to sustainable manufacturing practices and environmental responsibility. They place a strong emphasis on responsible forest management and efficient use of raw materials. Rest assured your slat panelling is sourced exclusively from certified, responsibly managed forests that adhere to strict sustainability standards.

Easy to Install

Our mission is to make DIY easier for you, with our made-to-measure slat panelling no major tools are needed, no sawing, no mess, no trips to the tip with wasted materials. There are just 3 simple steps to enjoy your panelling, simply measure, glue and apply!

Step 1. Measure

Step 2. Glue

Step 3. Apply

Choose Your Finish

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