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Our Re-Cut Policy

If we cut your order incorrectly, we’ll re-cut and send you a replacement as soon as possible. Just let us know within 14 days from delivery.


It's rare, but sometimes mistakes are made, if we cut your order incorrectly, outside of our +/- 1mm tolerance, just send us a photo and we'll re-cut and send a new one out to you straight away. We’ll even collect our mistake to ensure it's recycled appropriately.

We endeavour to cut as accurately as possible and as a result, our tolerance can be plus or minus +/- 1mm. That means your cut sheet could be +/- 1mm smaller or larger than the size you specified. If we cut outside of this tolerance then we’ll send a replacement.

We wish it could but unfortunately our re-cut guarantee isn’t valid for items that don’t fit due to your measurements being incorrect. When submitting your order to us, make sure that you have measured the dimensions you require at least twice, to ensure you get the same measurements on both occasions. It's also important to check that your tape measure is accurate, don’t use a fabric tape or one that belonged to your great grandma. Use a steel tape measure, make sure you’re using it correctly and that you’re measuring in millimetres. Unfortunately we can't be held responsible for mistakes you make in your measurements and we do not recut if you have provided us with the wrong measurements, we only recut if the mistake is ours.

If the item you’ve ordered is no longer in stock or has been discontinued we won’t be able to recut for you but we will do our best to provide the next best material for your project.

If you’ve damaged the item and it no longer fits then unfortunately it won’t be valid for our re-cut guarantee so please make sure you report any damage to us made in transit on the day of delivery.

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