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Perspex® 10 Year Guarantee

Perspex® Extruded Acrylic Clear Guarantee

Perspex International offers a 10 year guarantee on the outdoor ageing behaviour of its Perspex® acrylic clear sheet. This guarantee covers the rigidity, strength and light transmission of the product.

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Cell Cast Acrylic Sheet Colours Guarantee

The 10 year guarantee for Perspex® coloured acrylic is also on the outdoor ageing behaviour and covers rigidity, strength and colourfastness. The guarantee applies to the original purchaser of the product and is valid for 10 years from the date of purchase. In order to claim the guarantee, the customer must provide proof of purchase and a sample of the defective product to Perspex. The customer should do this by firstly getting in touch with us at Cut My and we will communicate with Perspex to deem whether the defect can be covered under the guarantee. If so, we will arrange with Perspex International to replace the product free of charge.

It's worth noting that coloured acrylic may have some variations in shades, tones and finishes and it might not have the same uniformity as clear acrylic. This is due to the manufacturing process of coloured acrylics, but it will be covered by the guarantee if it falls outside the normal manufacturing tolerance.

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What is not covered in the Perspex guarantee?

The guarantee for clear and coloured Perspex acrylic does not cover any failure attributable to causes not usually associated with the normal use of Perspex acrylic sheet and in particular does not apply to harm caused by chemical agents, cleaning fluids, unsuitable sealants or decorative materials. It also does not cover defects that occur due to poor standards of workmanship during fabrication and installation. The sheet must be appropriately stored and transported prior to fabrication and installation for the guarantee to be valid.

How to claim the guarantee

In order to claim the guarantee, you must provide proof of purchase and a sample of the defective product to us and then we will follow this up with Perspex International. This must be done immediately to notice the defects. If the defect is deemed to be covered under the guarantee, Perspex International will replace the product free of charge.

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