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Premium Glass Splashbacks

Bring sleek, modern style to your kitchen with our stunning selection of coloured glass splashbacks. Expertly crafted from durable tempered glass, our glass kitchen splashbacks are the perfect focal point to revitalize your cooking space. With a range of colours, you can find the ideal glass splashback to complement your cabinetry, countertops, and overall kitchen aesthetic. Read More

Premium Glass Splashbacks

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Made to Measure

Any specific shape, with cutouts for sockets and switches

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Dispatched within 7 days, delivered straight to your door

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No cutting on site needed

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Easy to Clean

Simply wipe with a damp cloth

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A range of materials and shades

Made to Measure

Our glass splashbacks are made to measure and can be cut to your specific requirements making installation as simple as possible. Due to the protective foil backing on your glass splashback, we do not recommend you cut the glass at home before installation. Cutting at home can cause damage to the painted colour, so if you need any cutouts for switches, sockets or pipework please add these to your order so that we do them for you before the foiling is applied. You can use our handy visualiser to add your cutouts or use one of our handy templates to add your measurements.

A Perfect Finish

The colour on our glass splashbacks is spray painted by expert sprayers with 20+ years of experience. We've learnt from many years of digital printing that spray painting is the future of coloured glass splashbacks. There are no visible printing lines that are inevitable with digital printing. When the glass is spray painted the result is a perfectly even finish that looks flawless. Don't believe us? Order a sample and you'll see why our painted glass splashbacks are worth the extra expense and something you won’t find elsewhere.

Colour Samples

Can’t decide on a colour? No problem, simply order a selection of samples so that you can see the colours in your kitchen. Colours can vary on screen and in different lighting so seeing the colour on a sample at home will help you in the decision-making process.

Benefits of a Glass Splashback

Custom Colours

As well as popular colour options from top paint brands we can also create a glass splashback in your custom colour. Whether you want us to match your existing paint or know the perfect colour to complement your kitchen cabinet doors, we can help.

Heat Resistance

One of the primary advantages of glass splashbacks is their heat resistance. Glass is a tough material that can handle the heat generated by stovetops without warping or discolouration and they can be placed behind induction, gas or electric hobs.

Easy to Maintain

Ease of maintenance is also a big advantage of glass splashbacks. The smooth and non-porous surface of glass makes it resistant to stains, grease, and moisture. Splatters and spills can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent, keeping the splashbacks looking pristine. Unlike other materials, such as tiles, glass splashbacks have no grout lines, eliminating the need for tedious cleaning and preventing the accumulation of dirt and grime.

Perfect for Small Kitchens

Another advantage of glass kitchen splashbacks is their ability to reflect light and create a brighter kitchen space. Glass naturally reflects and enhances light, making the room feel more open and spacious. This can be particularly beneficial for smaller kitchens or those with limited natural light. The reflective properties of glass can also help distribute light evenly, reducing shadows and enhancing visibility during food preparation.

Splashbacks in the Kitchen

Our premium glass splashbacks are the perfect choice if you are fitting your splashback behind a hob as they have a great heat resistance. We can also closely colour match them with our custom colour glass option so that they match any other acrylic splashback colours you have in the rest of your kitchen.


Hob/Cooker Type Glass Splashback Acrylic Splashback Aluminium Composite Splashback

 *50mm gap

 *150mm gap

Splashback Guides

How to Measure Your Splashback

Measuring for a new splashback for your kitchen or bathroom can seem like a difficult process, but in reality, it's very simple.

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Splashback Installation

While it may be daunting, particularly for those new to DIY projects, you’ll be surprised at how easy installation is.

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Splashback Alterations

If you need to make alterations to your splashback, our informative guide will help you through the process.

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Splashback Template

Use our handy online visualiser or download one of our templates, edit yourself and upload when you place your order.

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Share your new splashback photos with us to feature on our website. Simply mention @cutmy.uk on Instagram or upload a photo and tag us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a glass splashback a good idea?

Glass splashbacks are a great idea for kitchens or other rooms prone to moisture and spills. The glass is easy to clean, protects walls from stains, and adds a modern, sleek look.

How do you install a glass splashback?

Our coloured glass splashbacks can be fitted to any clean, flat surface using silicone adhesive, spacers and removable tape. While professional installation is recommended, you can check out our splashback installation guide for more help fitting your glass splashback.

Are glass splashbacks hard to keep clean?

Glass is very easy to keep clean. It just needs occasional wiping down with a soft cloth and glass cleaner. Using a squeegee can help to prevent water spots.

Can glass splashbacks go behind a hob?

Yes, our glass splashbacks are made from heat-resistant, tempered glass, which can be installed behind any gas, induction or electric cooker. The glass helps protect the wall from heat damage.

What is a cheaper alternative to a glass splashback?

Acrylic splashbacks are a budget-friendly alternative to glass. Though less durable, acrylic is affordable and lightweight. We offer a wide range of gloss and matt acrylic splashbacks in a variety of colours.

Can you cut a custom hole for plug sockets?

You can add any custom cut-outs to your glass splashback by selecting the Cut-Outs option and specifying any required plug socket locations. Use our visualiser to preview your custom design and ensure the dimensions are correct. For any assistance tailoring your glass splashback, please contact our team at info@cutmy.co.uk

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