Grey Splashbacks

Upgrade your kitchen's look with our Grey Kitchen Splashbacks, featuring a sleek and modern design. We offer customisation options such as cutouts for light switches, plug sockets, and pipework to ensure a perfect fit in your kitchen.

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Grey Kitchen Splashbacks

We offer grey splashbacks in various finishes, such as matt acrylic, glossy acrylic, premium acrylic, and glass. For a sophisticated look, choose the grey matt splashback, while the gloss option can help make a small kitchen space appear larger due to its reflective surface.

A grey splashback can make a bold and captivating statement in the kitchen's overall design. It draws the eye by adding depth to your current colour scheme and making a visually striking impact.

Made to Measure Kitchen Doors

Made to Measure

Any specific shape, with cutouts for sockets and switches

Fast delivery

Quick Delivery

Dispatched within 7 days, delivered straight to your door

Kitchen doors close up

Easy to Install

No cutting on site needed

Easy to clean

Easy to Clean

Simply wipe with a damp cloth

Vinyl Backing

Vinyl Backing

On matt and gloss finishes to hide adhesive, tiles or wall imperfections

Easy to clean

Exquisite Range

A range of materials, available in any colour

Made to Measure

Our grey splashbacks are custom-made to fit your exact specifications, ensuring a seamless installation process without the need for messy cutting at home. We can even create holes for your sockets, switches, and pipework. To help you visualize the final product, you can use our user-friendly visualizer tool to add cutouts or choose from our selection of templates and input your measurements.

Benefits of a Grey Splashback

Versatile Pairing

Grey glass splashbacks can pair beautifully with numerous other colours and materials. They offer a versatile and timeless appeal that seamlessly integrates with lots of design choices, making it an ideal choice for classing and contemporary kitchens alike.

Since grey is a neutral colour, it can blend effortlessly with warm wooden cabinetry, bold and vibrant colours or even with a monochromatic palette of shades of white, black or other shades of grey.

Easy to Maintain

Grey splashbacks are not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to maintain so they are practical. You can hide stains effectively with a simple wipe down with soapy water and a cloth after cooking so that your kitchen splashback stays looking good as new.

Colour Samples

Can’t decide on a colour? No problem, simply order a selection of samples so that you can see the colours in your kitchen. Colours can vary on screen and in different lighting so seeing the colour on a sample at home will help you in the decision-making process.

Splashbacks Behind a Hob

It is not recommended to use a Perspex® acrylic or aluminium composite splashback behind open heat sources, such as a cooker. These materials can only tolerate temperatures of up to 80°C before discolouring and warping. Therefore, it is advised not to fit acrylic or aluminium composite splashbacks behind an electric or gas hob. However, if you have an induction hob, you may place an acrylic splashback behind it with a 50mm gap between the panel and the hob. Alternatively, for an aluminium composite splashback, a 150mm gap between the panel and hob is recommended behind an induction hob.

Our toughened glass splashbacks are the most suitable option to fit behind a heat source as they have high heat resistance. Additionally, they can be accurately matched in colour to any acrylic splashbacks used in the other areas of your kitchen.


Hob/Cooker Type Glass Splashback Acrylic Splashback Aluminium Composite Splashback

 *50mm gap

 *150mm gap

Protective Backing

Unlike many of our competitors, we take the extra step of adding a layer of vinyl or foil to the back of our splashbacks for extra protection. On our budget acrylic splashbacks, this is a vinyl backing, on our premium range we apply a foil backing. Please do not peel this off - you will know if it is the protective film as it will have a blue sticker on it stating that it shouldn't be peeled off.

blue sticker
unpeeling protective sticker
splashback sheets laid out
vinyl sticker
rolling on sticker
cutting splashbacks out

The vinyl or foil backing on our splashbacks effectively conceals any adhesive you use during installation. You won't have to worry about any unsightly adhesive marks or residue showing through the acrylic sheet, as our vinyl backing offers a uniform and polished appearance. This allows you to enjoy the vibrant colours and beautiful patterns of our splashbacks without any distractions.

Splashback Guides

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Splashback Template

Use our handy online visualiser or download one of our templates, edit yourself and upload when you place your order.

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