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Greenhouse Glass

  UK's Leading Supplier of Replacement Greenhouse Windows

Replace your Glass Greenhouse Windows with Acrylic or Polycarbonate

‌‍   Far safer as shatter resistant
‌‍   More light for your plants
‌‍   Easier to install as half the weight of glass
‌‍   Cheaper than glass as fewer replacements
‌‍   Custom sizes cut to your exact measurements

Top tip: Buy 3mm for rigidity and better insulation for your plants
Top tip: Buy polycarbonate if you need higher impact resistance

Read more about why you should replace your glass greenhouse glass.

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*10 year guarantee only applies to acrylic perspex

Greenhouse Glass

Upgrade your glass greenhouse windows with our clear acrylic sheeting or our polycarbonate. You will still be able to view your plants whilst keeping them safe. We have also constructed a guide helping you decide on the material you buy as well as assist you in how to replace greenhouse and shed windows.

No matter the size of your greenhouse, we can provide you with clear plastic materials exactly to your specifications and measurements. We can also add options for customization should you require them. This means that all you need to do is fit the panel onto your greenhouse!

Both clear Perspex® acrylic and polycarbonate are excellent alternatives to greenhouse glass panels, as well as shed windows, as they are lightweight and easier to install than traditional glass. While glass would normally deteriorate as a greenhouse glass pane, either by losing transparency or warping, the long-lasting consistency of clear greenhouse windows makes them an easy replacement and repurposes your greenhouse windows - giving the whole feature a second wind.

When understanding what option is best for your greenhouse glass panels, choosing the best greenhouse plastic option is fundamental to maintaining and ensuring a high-quality grow space throughout the year.

Acrylic Greenhouse Windows

Clear acrylic sheets from Cut My are the cheaper option for your greenhouse windows, and they are up to 10 times stronger than glass. They don’t show any sign of ageing with continual use, meaning you can expect well in excess of 10 years of use from your greenhouse windows without them showing signs of deterioration.

Further to this, acrylic greenhouse glass provide up to 92% light transmission, higher than most types of glass, so it becomes preferable for a number of other applications like secondary glazing or roofing. Clear perspex also has a ten-year guarantee and is 100% recyclable.

Our acrylic sheets also make for great clear table protectors, safekeeping your garden furniture.

Polycarbonate Greenhouse Windows

Clear polycarbonate sheeting is stronger than even toughened glass, although slightly more expensive. This versatile material with a wide range of possible uses, from riot shields to external panels. This superior strong material can be purchased in varying thicknesses up to 12mm to provide further levels of insulation for your greenhouse. Two hundred times stronger than glass, our polycarbonate greenhouse panels are available as a durable, safer option for replacing greenhouse glass.

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broken greenhouse windows

Does this look familiar to you?

Strong winds, football practice in the garden and vandalism at the allotment are all common causes of broken greenhouse windows resulting in shards of glass everywhere. The solution is to replace the glass with acrylic or polycarbonate greenhouse windows as they're over 10x stronger than glass and shatterproof so no more shards of glass.

With the rising cost in your household food bill there's no better time to get the greenhouse ready to grow your own vegetables.

Replacing broken greenhouse windows with Perspex acrylic or polycarbonate sheets is a cost-effective and quick solution.

‌‍   Fewer breakages - 10x stronger than glass
‌‍   Safer as shatterproof - no shards of glass everywhere
‌‍   Cheaper than glass as fewer replacements
‌‍   More light for your plants - higher light transmission than glass
‌‍   Easier to install - half the weight of glass
‌‍   Long lasting - 10-year guarantee on outdoor ageing 

Polycarbonate doesn't have a 10-year guarantee but is the preferred option if you need something with a higher impact resistance due to football practice in the garden.

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Key Features of Greenhouse Windows


Clear Perspex acrylic and polycarbonate sheets give excellent optical clarity, ranging up to 92% light transmission which is higher than most types of glass.

Weather Resistant

Clear greenhouse sheets like acrylic are UV, weather, and chemical resistant with low moisture absorption, making them ideal for outdoor use.


Clear polycarbonate greenhouse panels offer unbeatable impact strength and durability, and far surpassing acrylic which is 10x stronger than glass.


All of our greenhouse plastic options are equally easy to clean, with just warm soapy water and a microfibre cloth needed to ensure a hygienic finish.

Salt Resistant

Both materials we use for greenhouse windows are salt-resistant so they are good for use if you live in coastal areas.

100% recyclable logo

100% Recyclable

Perspex® Acrylic is 100% recyclable. Waste products can readily be recovered from the original raw material (the monomer) and re-used in a new sheet.

Perspex® has been manufactured in the UK for over 85 years and still takes place on the same site in Lancashire as it did in the 1930s. This short supply distance to our UK customers helps reduce ‘product miles’ from the manufacturing plant to the end user.

Numerous different investments have already been made by Perspex® to lessen the impact on the environment. Annual waste consumption has been reduced by 24 million litres, and almost 800 tonnes of carbon dioxide have been saved every year as part of a hot water recycling project. At Cut My, we work to be more sustainable by using all of our offcuts to heat our manufacturing facility. We are also currently working towards reducing our packaging.

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