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Red Splashbacks

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Transform your kitchen ambience with our captivating red splashbacks. The charm of this colour can transform a mundane kitchen into a haven of vibrant beauty. Whether you're inclined towards a crimson tint or a bolder shade, our range presents an array of hues for a red splashback that can suit your taste.

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Red Splashbacks

If you're seeking to make a bold design statement, a red splashback is the perfect choice to infuse your kitchen with life and energy. The colour red can give the room a sense of vitality and passion, creating a more welcoming and invigorating atmosphere for cooking and gathering.

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Vinyl Backing

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Benefits of a Red Splashback

The vibrant allure of a red splashback has the power to seamlessly weave through diverse textures and tones, creating a captivating visual contrast that enhances the overall aesthetic of your culinary space. The versatility of a red splashback allows it to effortlessly complement a range of cabinet finishes, countertop materials, and flooring options. Whether your cabinets boast a classic wood grain or a contemporary lacquered surface, the red splashback can seamlessly tie these elements together, acting as a unifying thread that brings coherence to the design of your kitchen.

Made to Measure

Our custom-designed red splashbacks are created to perfectly match your precise requirements. No need to undertake any cutting on your own – we can save you precious time and spare you from any messy chaos. Should your design need cutouts for outlets such as sockets, switches, or plumbing, our expert team can modify your splashback to cut these holes for you. Simply give us your measurements and take advantage of our product visualiser to pinpoint the exact placements for any cutouts and your splashback will arrive ready to install. We can also provide a pre-designed template of generic splashbacks for you to use with ease.

Easy to Maintain

Red splashbacks are easy to clean and maintain by simply wiping them down with soapy water and a cloth. This is often all you need to do to keep your red acrylic or glass splashback looking pristine.

Colour Samples

Can’t decide on a colour? No problem, simply order a selection of samples so that you can see the colours in your kitchen. Colours can vary on screen and in different lighting so seeing the colour on a sample at home will help you in the decision-making process.

Splashbacks Behind a Hob

It is not recommended to use a Perspex® acrylic or aluminium composite splashback behind open heat sources, such as a cooker. These materials can only tolerate temperatures of up to 80°C before discolouring and warping. Therefore, it is advised not to fit acrylic or aluminium composite splashbacks behind an electric or gas hob. However, if you have an induction hob, you may place an acrylic splashback behind it with a 50mm gap between the panel and the hob. Alternatively, for an aluminium composite splashback, a 150mm gap between the panel and hob is recommended behind an induction hob.

Our toughened glass splashbacks are the most suitable option to fit behind a heat source as they have high heat resistance. Additionally, they can be accurately matched in colour to any acrylic splashbacks used in the other areas of your kitchen.


Hob/Cooker Type Glass Splashback Acrylic Splashback Aluminium Composite Splashback

 *50mm gap

 *150mm gap

Protective Backing

We take the extra step of adding a layer of vinyl protective film to the back of our red gloss acrylic splashbacks. By doing this, your splashback has an extra layer of protection and it also conceals any wall perfections and adhesive marks that will appear from installation. You won’t have to worry about unsightly glue marks showing through your splashback as the backing offers a polished appearance.

blue sticker
unpeeling protective sticker
splashback sheets laid out
vinyl sticker
rolling on sticker
cutting splashbacks out

Please do not peel this off - you will know if it is the protective film as it will have a blue sticker on it stating that it shouldn't be peeled off.

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Splashback Template

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