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Bathroom Full Height V-Groove Panelling

£11.44 Inc. VAT
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  Made in the UK
  FSC-Certified wood
  Moisture resistant
  Cut to size
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   Priming available

V-Groove Bathroom Wall Panelling is the perfect solution for enhancing your bathroom's aesthetic appeal whilst also being functional!

Simply provide us with the dimensions of the desired wall you wish to panel, along with any necessary cutouts, and place your order.

We will then custom-cut your V-Groove Panelling made from 9mm thick moisture-resistant MDF to your exact specifications, ensuring a perfect fit.

Once delivered, you can easily apply the panels to the wall and then paint them with your desired colour.

The maximum size of our v-groove panel boards is 2400mm x 600mm. For larger spaces, we provide multiple, equally sized boards based on your dimensions. This ensures easy handling and maneuverability, especially in tight spaces like upstairs.

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£11.44 Inc. VAT
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Bathroom Full Height V-Groove Panelling

Our Bathroom Full Height V-Groove Panelling, also known as shiplap panelling, features long, narrow v-shaped grooves that run vertically in parallel.

We have designed this wall panelling to replicate the look of seamlessly fitted wood sheets, saving you time and effort during installation.

We cut the V-Grooves into 9mm MDF sheets and the sheet is cut to size to your specific measurements. This premium product is crafted from moisture-resistant MDF, which is suitable for humid conditions such as in the kitchen or bathrooms.

It also has a smoother surface than standard MDF, meaning it is also easier to paint whichever colour suits your taste and bathroom decor.

You can transform your bathroom effortlessly into a stylish and sophisticated space.

Really high quality and value for money. Exactly what we wanted.


What Makes Cut My Tongue and Groove Panels the Best in the UK?

Our bathroom panels are crafted from sustainable moisture-resistant MDF and supplied as one large panel with precision-cut grooves using the latest CNC machinery. There are no individual boards to painstakingly install just large panels that go up in no time at all.

We cut each panel to your exact specifications, ensuring a perfect fit without the need for additional cutting or tools, we even do cutouts for light switches and sockets.

Shop anywhere else and you'll find you have to cut the panels at home making an unsightly mess. Instead, we deliver a ready-to-install solution, eliminating mess and hassle and saving you time and effort.

Cut to fit your space perfectly

Easy to install, no tools needed!
Sustainable, FSC-certified wood

Suitable for commercial use

Save Time with Pre-Priming

For added convenience, we offer professional priming services for your V Groove panel boards. This means that upon arrival, you can simply adhere the panels to the wall with adhesive and paint them in your desired colour.

Please note, that the grooves themselves are not primed but they are still perfectly suitable for painting. We have thoroughly tested this adjustment and found that it does not compromise the quality or integrity of the final product. If you prefer to prime the panels yourself, be sure to do so before applying paint for a professional finish.

Please note: We can only provide wood sheets with a maximum dimension of 2400mm x 600mm. If your wall is larger than this, we will provide multiple pieces to make up the total length needed in roughly equal-sized boards.

This product is ideal for rooms which tend to become humid, but it does not mean that it is suitable for outdoor use as the material is not weather resistant.


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Green Forest

Sustainably Sourced

Our bathroom full-height tongue and groove panels are crafted using moisture-resistant MDF supplied by Medite, a company renowned for its sustainability efforts, reflecting a strong commitment to environmental responsibility. All their wood is sourced from well-managed, certified forests.

Medite prioritise eco-friendly practices and minimize environmental impact, the company adheres to stringent standards, ensuring that its production processes are efficient and waste-conscious.

Bathroom V-Groove Installation

It couldn't be simpler to install your Bathroom V-Groove panelling. Everything is cut to size for you so all you have to do is apply adhesive and stick to the wall. Here are some simple steps for installation, however, your order will come with a more detailed physical instruction manual to help you out!

If you have a large space to panel, you may have received multiple panels to fit together. You can lay them out on the floor to familiarise yourself with how they will be arranged on the wall.

What You Will Need

V groove panelling full height

Step 1: Prep your space

Please ensure your space has a clean, smooth, flat wall before applying your wall panels. Put your Dust Sheets on the floor beneath the wall you are panelling to protect your flooring.

Step 2: Apply to the wall

With your Caulking Gun, apply a snaking line of Adhesive to the back of the panel and adhere it to the wall. Make sure to use a Spirit Level to make sure that it is straight. Then apply pressure as you push the panel board firmly to the wall. If you have multiple panels to put up, repeat this step until all of your panelling is on the wall. We suggest going from left to right.

Step 3: Caulk

Using the Caulking Gun, apply Caulk to the edges of your panels to fill any gaps. If your wall is not completely straight, you may find that your panelling seems to come away from the wall slightly, so caulk can act as a paintable filler. Use a Filling Knife to smooth the Caulk out and wait for it all to dry.

Step 4: Prime and paint

If you have chosen for us to pre-prime your panelling, then now it is ready for you to paint. If not, you will now need to prime your panelling yourself and wait for it to dry before you then paint it. Once everything is dry. You are free to clean up and enjoy your new panelling!

Installation Guide


Material Wood - MDF
Finish Moisture Resistant (Unfinished)
Available Thicknesses 9mm
Maximum Sheet Size 2400mm x 600mm
Minimum Sheet Size 100mm x 50mm
Fire Rating Euroclass D
Moisture Content 5-9%
Manufacturers Tolerances +/- 10% plus 0.4mm (e.g. 5mm cast sheet could vary from 4.1mm to 5.9mm)
Cutting Tolerances +/- 1mm

For the full technical details, download the manufacturer's datasheet here:

Medite Premier MDF Data Sheet



Delivery depends on the size of your order

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