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Beaded Shaker Wall Panelling Kit

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Give your home's interior a stylish makeover with beaded wall panelling. Simply measure the wall you want to transform and decide on the layout. Choose the number of horizontal rows and vertical columns, along with the width of the wooden battens. With just a few measurements and design decisions, you'll be ready to install beautiful, modern panelling on your wall.

For a seamless finish, we will cut the MDF strips and dado rail to the dimensions you provide. The beading will be supplied 100mm longer than required. Once the inner panels are installed, measure them and use a mitre block and saw to cut the beading at the precise angles needed. This allows you to custom fit the beading lengths at home, ensuring they meet cleanly at the corners.

For walls exceeding 1600mm in length, we will supply multiple equal-sized panels to be joined at the midpoint to make the total length required, ensuring seamless coverage regardless of orientation.

The wainscot cap is included in the total height of the product.

* Use the technical view on the visualiser to note down measurements for installation.

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Beaded Shaker Wall Panelling Kiy

Our most traditional wall panelling kit is our shaker half wall panelling with a dado rail and beading on the inner panels, similar to the classic dado and beading panelling of the Georgian era but with a raised effect created by the MDF strips.

Adding beading and a dado to your shaker panelling will give your home a sophisticated look unrivalled by any other interior design trend. The depth created by the MDF strips and the intricacy added by the dado and beading makes for a striking talking point amongst friends and family.

Buying your half-height wall panelling couldn’t be any easier. Simply measure the width of the wall and the height from the skirting to where you would like the top of the dado rail and decide on the number of rows and columns. We’ll calculate everything for you, no need for the headache involved in working out measurements.

You’ll receive 6mm MDF, strips, a solid timber dado rail and enough beading to complete the look. This kit is for a slightly more experienced DIYer than our other shaker wall panelling kits. For installation, we provide a mitre block and saw for you to cut the mitred corners of the beading so that it all fits together seamlessly. Again, the front face of your MDF, your dado and beading can be primed and ready to paint, saving you time and effort. Why don't we mitre the beading for you? Believe us, it's easier for you if we don't! You would need to install every panel to the millimetre for the pre-cut mitred edges of the beading to join seamlessly butted against the MDF strips. Cutting after installation of the shaker design allows room for error in the first part of the installation and allows you to achieve a seamless finish.

Read our guide on how to install your wall panelling.

Our custom height shaker wall panelling with dado and beading allows you to create a very traditional Wainscoting Panelling technique which dates back centuries.

By panelling just the lower half of your walls, you can leave room for shelving, lighting or painting on your upper walls. A good way to decide where you would like to fit your custom height panelling is to consider what furniture and home decor are already in the room, and where your panelling would look best around it.

Using our cut-to-size MDF, along with a solid timber dado rail and beading, you can breathe new life into your home. It is the perfect feature to add character to any space and is particularly popular in hallways and bedrooms. Accentuating a wall with this kit can help define a room by lifting it with elegance and texture whilst aiding any interior design themes or styles. There are plenty of personalisation possibilities to add flair to the home with multiple designs and colours.

Wainscoting also gives you the option of having a two-tone colour palette. People are getting bolder with their wall colours now, but it might seem overwhelming to paint an entire wall green. With Wall Panelling at half height on the wall, you can still apply bold colour to your room without it being too overpowering.

Having your wall panelling at a custom height is also an excellent way to guard your walls, preventing damage to the walls where it is likely to get dented or scuffed by furniture knocking into them.

Our maximum panel length is 1600mm. If your wall is longer than this and therefore you enter dimensions larger than 1600mm, we will provide you with multiple pieces to make up the total length required. We will make sure that the panels are cut to equal sizes so that they can be joined in the middle.

dado rail
dado rail measurements

The Dado Rail

Adding a dado rail is an excellent way to guard your walls. Traditionally a dado rail was used to prevent damage to the walls where it is likely to get dented or scuffed by furniture knocking into it.

Also known as a 'Wainscot Cap' our solid pine dado has a traditional profile extending out 21mm and standing at 44mm high.

Popular in hallways placed at one-third of the wall height, the dado rail can accentuate the length of your hallway making it seem much longer than it is. Placing two-thirds of the wall directly behind the headboard, it draws attention to the bed while enhancing the contrast of soft furnishings and textures.

The Beading

For a classic traditional look, we've added beading to the inner panels of the shaker panelling. The beading is raised slightly above the shaker panelling for added depth and character.

The beading extends from the inner panel edges 20mm and is raised a total of 9mm which is 3mm above the 6mm panelling strips.

We provide a mitre block and tenor saw for you to cut the beading at home after installing the MDF panels. This ensures you achieve a flawless finish and cut out the frustration of everything having to be mm perfect for the beading to fit seamlessly against the edge of the panels.

Wall panelling with picture shelf

Add a picture shelf as your wainscot cap

For a modern twist on traditional wainscoting, consider using a floating picture shelf instead of a dado rail to cap your wall panels. Our high-quality 18mm MDF picture shelves seamlessly integrate with your custom panelling for a cohesive look.

Supplied cut-to-size, the shelf effortlessly spans the length of your wall kit. The flat surface provides display space for decor and photos, while the floating design adds visual interest without drilling into walls.

Simply secure the adhesive-backed shelf directly to your primed panels upon delivery. Choose between 80mm or 120mm depths, depending on how much projection you prefer.

Picture shelves lend functional storage and contemporary style to your sophisticated, custom wainscoting. Elevate your living space with this designer alternative to traditional dado rails.

Please note, this decorative shelf is not intended for heavy items.

Installing Your Wall Panelling

After ordering your wood wall panelling comes the important part. Installation. Don't worry - we include a wall panelling manual within your kit which can help you with installation.

Below is also a step-by-step guide to assist you in installing your new and outstanding wall panelling.

What You Will Need

Half installed unpainted wall panelling

How to Install Wood Panelling

The technical view of our visualiser (at the top of this page) will show you which measurements you need between each batten based on your input. Make sure to note down these measurements when ordering the kit so that you know how far apart you should be marking the measurements when it comes to installing it.

Our Wall Panelling Kit includes a physical Installation Manual which provides more detail and recommendations on which order to install the panels.

Beaded Shaker Installation Manual


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Material Wood - MDF
Finish Standard (Unfinished)
Available Thicknesses 6mm
Fire Rating Euroclass D
Moisture Content 5-9%
Manufacturers Tolerances +/- 10% plus 0.4mm (e.g. 5mm cast sheet could vary from 4.1mm to 5.9mm)
Cutting Tolerances +/- 1mm

For the full technical details, download the manufacturer's datasheet here:

Medite Premier MDF Data Sheet


Frequently Asked Questions

What is beading in wall panelling?

Beading is a decorative trim or moulding that is used to enhance the appearance and texture of wall panelling.

Can I paint my beading to match the wall panelling?

Yes, just make sure the adhesive is dry before you start painting.

Why don’t you pre-mitre and cut the beading?

It's easier for you if we don't pre-mitre and cut the beading before installation. You would need to install every panel to the millimetre for the pre-cut mitred edges of the beading to join seamlessly butted against the MDF strips. Cutting after installation of the MDF strips allows room for error in the first part of the installation and allows you to achieve a seamless finish. We provide the mire block and tenor saw along with full instructions so that you have everything you need to cut it to size during installation.

What are Dado Rails?

Dado rails are decorative wooden trims that are installed horizontally along the wall. They are often used above Wall Panelling to create a classic, elegant look.

Do I need Dado Rails if I have Wall Panelling?

While dado rails are not strictly necessary when installing Wall Panelling, they can add an extra element of style and sophistication to your wall and the overall look of the room.

What materials are Dado Rails made from?

Dado rails are typically made from wood, ours are made of Pine Wood.

How do I install Dado Rails with Wall Panelling?

Installing dado rails with wall panelling typically involves cutting the rails to size, but fortunately, we do that for you! All you need to do is attach them to the wall with adhesive. You can find instructions on how to install your Wall Panelling Kit and Dado Rail here.

Can Dado Rails be painted?

Yes, dado rails can be painted or stained to match the colour and finish of your wall panelling. This allows you to create a seamless look throughout the room or space. You can also choose the option for us to prime your Wall Panelling Kit and Dado so that it is ready to paint when it arrives to you.

How do I maintain my Dado Rail?

To maintain the appearance of your dado rails and wall panelling, it's important to keep them clean and free of dust and dirt. Use a soft, damp cloth to wipe down the panels and rails regularly, and avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning tools that could damage the wood.



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5 / 5 2 reviews
Steven Browning, 21st February
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It was cut to perfection and so easy to fit.
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Mr Tyers, 18th February
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Great quality as normal and another happy customer
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