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Mild Steel Round Bars

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We stock a wide range of mild steel round bars, also known as steel rods, from thicknesses of 6mm up to 50mm. These solid, cylindrical bars are ideal for shafts, mechanisms, spindles, and machined parts. The excellent machinability and weldability of our S275JR round bars allow for easy fabrication while providing good tensile strength.

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Mild Steel Round Bar FAQs

What are steel rods used for?

Mild steel rods are versatile round sections used in a wide range of manufacturing, construction and engineering applications. Common uses of steel rod include axles, shafts, pins, bolts, screws, cylinders, structural supports, welding wire, and as guides in machinery among many other purposes. The strength, stiffness and machinability of mild steel make rods suitable for any application that requires a straight round section.

Can mild steel rod be bent?

Yes, mild steel rod can be bent fairly easily. Mild steel has good ductility that allows for bending without fracturing. Using an appropriate radius die or jig along with standard bending machines, mild steel rod can be formed into a variety of shapes and angles as required.

How does mild steel rod differ from rebar?

Mild steel rod has a circular cross-section and tighter diameter tolerance, while rebar has a ribbed square or round cross-section and looser tolerances. Rod is used for machined parts requiring smoother finishes and precise sizing, whereas rebar is used as a structural reinforcing bar in concrete for its bond and tensile strength properties. Rebar uses higher carbon and alloy grades than the low carbon mild steel typically used for rod.

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