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Mild Steel Angle Irons

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Mild steel angle iron, commonly known as RSA, provides versatile 90-degree corner bracing and edging for decorative and structural applications, with common uses including shelves, racks, frames, railings, and more. Key features of our steel angles include excellent weldability and machinability, good strength and rigidity, with common leg measurements from 13mm to 150mm and thicknesses from 3mm to 10mm. All equal and unequal angles are stocked in hot-rolled S275JR & S355J0 mild steel. Order standard sizes online for fast delivery or get an instant quote for custom cut lengths, free of charge.

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Mild Steel Angle Iron FAQs

What is a mild steel angle bar used for?

Mild steel angle irons are commonly used for structural support, framework, bracing, and construction applications due to their strength and rigidity.

Is an angle iron stronger than a flat bar?

In general, if the width and thickness of an angle iron are the same as the mild steel flat bar, the angle iron will be stronger due to its L-shape providing added structural support.

Are mild steel angle irons suitable for outdoor use?

Mild steel angle irons can be used outdoors but may require protective coatings or regular maintenance to prevent rust in humid or corrosive environments.

How do I prevent mild steel angle irons from rusting?

To prevent rust, you can apply protective coatings like paint and red oxide. Regular maintenance and keeping the iron dry can also help extend its lifespan.

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