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Mild Steel Box Sections

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Mild steel box sections are hollow metal profiles with a sturdy square or rectangular cross-section ideal for structural framing and fabrication. The tubular shape provides strong resistance to torsion and bending forces, used for applications such as frames, supports, enclosures, packaging, furniture and more. These provide excellent weldability and machinability, versatile fixing options, and are available in standard lengths or custom cut-to-size. We supply a wide range of square and rectangular sizes, with thicknesses from 1.2mm to 150mm. Order today with free custom cutting and fast delivery.

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Mild Steel Box Section FAQs

How strong is a mild box section?

Mild steel box sections can provide high strength when using a thicker material and larger sizes, owing to their closed section with high resistance to bending and torsional forces. The strength increases with thickness and section size due to higher yield strength. Yield strength ranges from about 250 MPa for lower-grade steels up to about 350 MPa for higher grades.

Are mild steel box sections stronger than I beams?

The strength of the box section and I-beam sections depends on their specific dimensions and the direction of the applied load. In some cases, box sections can offer greater torsional (twisting) strength due to their closed shape, while I-beams are often preferred for their superior bending strength, making them a common choice in structural applications like beams and columns.

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