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Mild Steel Square Box Section

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Mild steel square box sections offer stiff, sturdy and uniform hollow profiles to meet a diverse range of construction and structural demands. With thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 10mm and lengths up to 6 meters, you can customise your profiles with precise end-cuts at no extra cost.

Please note: Our mild steel products come with a mill finish, meaning they are in their raw, unfinished state with a rough, matte surface. There may be rust and they are likely to have sharp, rough edges when cut.

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Mild Steel Square Box Section Applications

Mild steel box sections cover a range of uses from structural fabrication to decorative elements thanks to their rectangular shape, span capabilities, and diverse gauge availability.

  • Decorative accents: Thinner 2mm or 2.5mm box sections can provide decorative accents or ornamentation when creatively designed and arranged. 
  • Furniture frames: The thinner gauges like 2mm or 2.5mm are good for making lightweight furniture frames like chairs, tables, or shelving units. The box shape provides good rigidity while keeping weight down.
  • Door frames:  3mm or 4mm box sections work well for interior door frames as they are strong enough to support the door but thinner than a full I-beam. The rectangular shape allows for easy joining.
  • Brackets: Brackets for shelves, signs, or other hardware are readily constructed from 3mm or 4mm box sections. The rectangular profiles make it simple to bolt, weld, or screw brackets in various configurations.
  • Carts/trolleys: For fabricating the frames of carts, trolleys, or portable workbenches, 4mm or 5mm box sections provide a sturdy but movable base. The shape allows easy bolting for assembly.
  • Structural supports: 5mm, 8mm, or 10mm box sections are often used as supporting members in structures like handrails, equipment frameworks, trailers, conveyors, and machinery guards. The box shape gives good strength for span while remaining relatively lightweight. 

Product Information

Shape Square Box Section
Alloy Grade S325JRH
Production Method Cold Formed
Finish Mill Finish
Formability Poor
Weldability Excellent
Corrosion Resistance Poor
Machinability Excellent

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