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Mild Steel Channel Sections

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Mild steel channel sections are a versatile C-shaped (or U-shaped, depending how you look at it) beam profile used extensively in the construction, manufacturing, and engineering industries, providing support for shelf and rack systems, building frames, conveyors, and machinery. Channel sections provide good torsional resistance, easy welding and mechanical fastening. Our inventory includes a broad range of channel section sizes from 25mm x 25mm up to 150mm x 75mm in a range of thicknesses. Get an instant quote for custom cut lengths online today and order with fast delivery.

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Mild Steel Channel FAQs

What are the different types of mild steel channels?

Common types include "U" channels (also known as C-channels), which have a shape resembling the letter "U," and "L" channels (also known as a steel angle iron), which resemble the letter "L." "Hat" channels are another type with a profile similar to the top of a hat.

What are the parts of a steel channel called?

A steel channel consists of two main parts:

  • Flange: The flange is the horizontal, flat section of the channel, providing load-bearing support in the horizontal plane.
  • Web: The web is the vertical section connecting the two flanges, contributing to the channel's structural integrity in the vertical direction.

These two components work together to create the distinctive C (or U) shape of a steel channel, making it a crucial structural element in various applications.

How do I care for mild steel channel sections?

Although steel channel sections are durable, they are susceptible to rust if not properly protected. Regular inspection and maintenance, including cleaning and applying protective coatings, can help increase their longevity. Alternatively, you can purchase rust-proof galvanised steel channel sections.

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