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When it comes to transparent and translucent surfaces and decor for the home glass dominates the market. Glass is versatile, but it comes with many cons. It has low impact resistance so can be easily damaged; weighs a lot; and can be expensive. Over time, glass has started to lose its dominance, and products such as acrylic (including brands like Perspex and Plexiglass sheet) are starting to catch up.


Acrylic products have several advantages over glass when it comes to interior (and exterior) projects around the home. Though it looks just like glass, plastic sheets have a higher durability, and weigh around half as much. No matter how thick the sheets are, acrylic remains practically clear; glass (which has a greenish blue hue to it) loses some clarity when thicker sheets are required.

Here are 7 ways you can transform house interiors using acrylic:

  • Acrylic table tops: Glass coffee tables are prone to damage, as glass has low impact resistance. An acrylic coffee table is a safe alternative to glass, while maintaining the same impact on your design. So even if your kids sit and play around the coffee table, you don’t have to worry about damage.
  • Reusable acrylic calendar: Buying a new calendar or organiser every year can be expensive. However, getting an acrylic calendar means you can mark important events on it with a whiteboard marker. An acrylic calendar doesn’t have the months on it so you can keep reusing it every month, making it last for years.
  • Acrylic shelves: Due to heavy objects being placed on them a broken glass shelf is not uncommon. Acrylic shelves are the perfect replacement option so that you don’t have to worry about any damage. Glass look acrylic is much lighter in weight than glass and also has high impact resistance. Acrylic have a quality of being clear which beautifies the room. Coloured acrylic also comes in many varities giving you flexibility on choice.
  • Acrylic bar chairs or stools: If you have a bar in your home you want it to look stylish and spacious. Bar stools and chairs typically don’t take up much space but if you buy an acrylic chair or stool it appears to take up even less space.
  • Acrylic chair and desk: With the advent of ever more reliable internet connections, more people are setting up a home office. Usually when you talk about home offices, you’re thinking about an informal space in a spare room. However, you can add a minimalistic and sophisticated look to your home office by replacing your traditional wooden chair or desk with acrylic. The clarity and transparency gives a sleek and spacious look to your home office.
  • Acrylic door handles and pulls:  clear acrylic sheets are clearer than glass and aredurable, easy to clean and they do not turn yellow or chip. Being scratch resistant they are perfect if you have kids who open doors with sticky fingers. With so many designs available, acrylic is a good look for any kind of interior.
  • Acrylic shed windows or greenhouse windows: With high impact resistance, acrylic can take a hit from a ball, flying debris during a storm and hail storms, so it’s the perfect replacement for a glass window. In addition, it is easy to replace acrylic products as they are available in a multitude of shapes and sizes. They also make great alternatives for double-glazed windows – check out our magnetic secondary glazing kits!
  • Get cut to shape mirror sheets to fit elegant looking reflections into odd-shaped wall spaces to give your house a contemporary look.