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Mild Steel Flat Bars

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Mild steel flat bars, also known as steel strips, are solid, rectangular metal sections perfect for fabricating brackets, bases, frames, and other flat components that require good weldability and machinability. Flat bars are commonly used in industrial maintenance, machinery, furniture, displays, racks, and lifting applications. We stock flat bars in S275JR grade mild steel, allowing for easy welding, drilling, cutting, and bending. Our inventory includes a wide range of flat bar sizes from 10mm x 3mm up to 300mm x 16mm, with lengths up to 6 meters to minimise your welding joints. Don't see the size you need? Get a free quote for custom-cut lengths, free of charge.

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Mild steel flat bar

Mild Steel Flat Bar FAQs

How can I cut a steel flat bar?

You'll need an abrasive cut-off saw or an angle grinder with a cutting disc to cut through your steel flat bar. Mark your cut line, then hold the bar firmly and cut through it slowly. For straight cuts we recommend using a mitre box or clamp a guide to the bar.

Can steel flat bar be welded?

Yes, steel flat bar can be welded. Use an arc or MIG welder with the appropriate filler metal for the grade of steel. Clean the joint area, clamp pieces to be joined, then weld along the seam using multiple passes for a strong weld.

How strong is steel flat bar?

Steel flat bar has high strength thanks to its rigid form and steel composition. Its tensile strength ranges from 400-550 MPa depending on the grade, with higher carbon content increasing strength, supporting heavy loads without excessive bending or breaking.

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