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CNC Milling Services

Whether you require a one-off prototype or large batch production work, we can assist you with minimum lead times and competitive prices while never compromising on the quality of the items you receive. Our knowledge of the different properties of each type of plastic means we can ensure the correct tools and techniques are used to provide the best possible finish and can advise you on the best choice of material for different applications to suit your two- and three-dimensional product needs.

The process for ordering CNC milled parts is simple – upload your CAD file with your design and dimensions, choose the material and the quantity you need, and we’ll get to work on creating your components to the exact specifications. CNC milling is an ideal solution to a wide range of fabrication needs, from aerospace components to test tube holders and friction plates.

Our Other Services

Plastic Fabrication

Our expertise enables us to develop any design through our plastic fabrication services.

CNC Engraving

Using a top of the range CNC engraver, we can create bespoke engravings to any surface.

CNC Routing

We offer high-quality CNC routing services to meet your exact specifications.

CNC Machining

We offer high-quality CNC machining services to create your bespoke items.

CNC Turning

Our detailed turning services allow us to create custom parts and intricate components.

What can Cut My do for you?

  • We provide a quick yet efficient service that guarantees a high-quality product at a competitive price.
  • The complex milling machinery has the capability to make complex and elaborate designs and parts with ease.
  • Using the latest CAD and CAM programming systems, we’re able to provide you with precise quotes and lead times, as well as incredible accuracy when fabricating plastics.

What does CNC Milling entail?

CNC milling refers to a specific form of computer numerical controlled, or CNC, machining. Milling is a machining process that is similar to drilling or cutting, and many operations that cutting or drilling machines perform can be achieved using this technique. Milling uses a rotating cylindrical cutting tool but one which is able to move along multiple axis and can be used to create a range of different shapes and holes. Additionally, the work piece is often moved along the milling tool in different directions, whereas drilling machinery just moves in a single axis motion.

CNC milling is the most popular type of CNC machinery and they’re often grouped by the number of axis by which they operate, labelled by different letters – X and Y for horizontal motions of the work piece, Z for the vertical movements and W to represent the diagonal motions across a vertical plane. CNC milling devices are capable of producing shapes that would be almost impossible to achieve using manual tools, providing a more efficient and professional finish.

Typically, larger production runs with simpler designs can be served by other methods, but CNC milling can accommodate a wide variety of manufacturing needs and applications, from prototyping and shorter-runs to complex designs and more unique and precise parts. This method of fabrication is arguable the best way to emulate an injection-moulded part and is typically the most effective option for larger parts where cutter reach is inadequate.

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