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CNC Engraving Services

Cut My deliver high-quality CNC engraving services using cutting-edge technology and a fast turnaround. From etching and markings to cutting and engraving, our services extend to a range of different applications. In addition to our CNC laser engraving services, we also offer a wide choice of materials, including acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS and nylon.

Our skilled machinists have a great deal of experience in working with plastic materials, enabling them to offer the best advice and workmanship when creating your custom engraved items. As each type of plastic has different tolerances and characteristics that make them suitable for different types of CNC machining, having this expertise is incredibly useful in ensuring a high-quality finish. The lack of direct contact with the plastic and the speed of the laser allows for an abrasion-resistant result.

Once you’ve chosen your desired material and uploaded the CAD file, we will get to work in creating an exact replica of your design. We offer a quick delivery service, so you can enjoy your products as soon as possible. At Cut My, we can work with any design, no matter how intricate, from words and numbers to logos, codes and serial numbers.

The most detailed of graphics and text can be achieved, even in hard to reach areas that other tools can’t manage. Engraving is commonly used for more bespoke items, such as house number plaques, personalised wedding favours or award displays.

Our Other Services

Plastic Fabrication

Our expertise enables us to develop any design through our plastic fabrication services.

CNC Machining

We offer high-quality CNC machining services to create your bespoke items.

CNC Routing

We offer high-quality CNC routing services to meet your exact specifications.

CNC Milling

We produce designs to a high level of accuracy using state-of-the-art milling machinery.

CNC Turning

Our detailed turning services allow us to create custom parts and intricate components.

What can Cut My do for you?

  • We can provide precise and highly accurate engraving, etching and markings to a range of different materials.
  • Our UK warehouse means we’re able to produce small volume manufacturing at competitive prices.
  • You’ll benefit from quick, expertly-fabricated laser engraving, as well as reliable and friendly customer service.

What does CNC engraving entail?

Plastics are popular for engraving, in particular acrylic, because it both cuts and engraves effectively and with ease. It’s also available in a wide choice of colours and in myriad sizes, offering customers more versatility. Acrylic sheeting can either be cast or extruded, both of which have their own characteristics when it comes to cutting and manufacturing. For most applications, cast acrylic is the best choice.

To cut the sheet, the machine makes holes in the material just outside the area needing to be cut. From here, the laser is moved to the precise cutting area and heat is applied, before the assist gas removes the excess heated material to make the cut. There are many factors which influence the quality of the cut including the brand and the type of plastic, as well as the speed and frequency of the laser. We ensure that each factor is considered when producing your items for a reliable and high-quality finish.

Laser engraving provides excellent optical clarity and it can be used even for photo-quality engravings that show up particularly well on glass-effect acrylic, such as for a restaurant or hotel window. It is effective as an illuminated panel too to create ambience and style to a room, to make the laser image glow. When laser engraving takes place, a matte layer is formed and the tonal strength which determines the visibility of the design can either be increased or decreased depending on the requirements of the design.

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