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Primer & Lacquer


With our fantastic deluxe primer, we are able to prepare your wood sheets ready for installation. We can apply a water-based spray primer as the undercoat to your sheet, ahead of the topcoat of paint. By painting on woods such as MDF, it creates a better bond when you paint the surface, giving a more hard-wearing finish. Especially with a material like MDF, you will find that unless you use a primer, you will need more paint as the porous surface will absorb the paint. We use a water-based acrylic primer to ready our sheets for painting and will add at least two layers of primer giving you the best possible results.

Primer is currently available for all thicknesses of our fantastic high-quality Standard Grade MDF , Moisture Resistant MDF, and Flame Retardant MDF. When selecting Primer as an option you are able to select whether you wish for One-Sided or Two-Sided of your sheet to be primed. We offer One-Sided options for those intending on using the outward face only to match their aesthetics such as in the case of wall panelling.

Saving you time in your DIY, our quick-drying primer undercoat is perfectly suited for our MDF sheets. Whether you're after wall panelling, furniture, or construction, making sure your sheets are primed prior to shipping will make it so much easier to accomplish your dream results. Additionally, by using our primer we are able to prepare and protect your MDF sheets from moisture, which is especially important when using water-based paints as MDF can warp or have its structural integrity affected when moisture is absorbed into the sheet. If you wish to apply primer yourself, please see our Guide for Painting MDF which takes you through the process of ensuring your MDF sheets are appropriately primed and sanded.

This service has a charge of £55 per metre squared, with a minimum charge of £55. For further information regarding our Primer option contact our Customer Support team at info@cutmy.co.uk or 01903 389024.

Wall Panelling

Wall Panelling - Now with Primer!

Now with optional Primer, wall panelling is a creative way to add personality to any barren walls. Easy to install, get primed wood wall panelling quickly and cut to size.

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Lacquer is a type of quick-drying, water-based finish; perfect for our wooden sheet products. Lacquer provides an extremely intense gloss finish because it contains a solution creating a synthetic sheen coating. As a finishing option, lacquer is very durable and resistant to damage meaning it is typically used on veneered MDF or Plywood as a way of adding durability to wood for use in furniture.

Our lacquer remains clear for years without the yellowing usually associated with varnish or shellac. Lacquer is a bit thinner than other products, making it penetrate deeper into the wood, providing a durable seal protecting it for longer than traditional varnish.

We apply two coats of lacquer to get a superior-high-quality gloss. If selected, we are able to apply lacquer to both faces for £65 per square metre.

Additionally, for the ultimate finish, we suggest that when the lacquer is selected that you add our 0.8mm real wood edge banding to your sheet to elevate your sheet and protect the sides of the sheet as well as the faces. For further information regarding our Lacquering option please contact our Customer Support team at info@cutmy.co.uk or 01903 389024.

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