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Inspiring Wall Panelling Ideas for Your Home

Inspiring Wall Panelling Ideas for Your Home
19 March 2024 Edited 21 March 2024 10 min read
Inspiring Wall Panelling Ideas for Your Home

Elevate your interior spaces with the warmth and architectural interest of wall panelling. Whether you prefer classic styles like shaker and wainscoting, or modern designs with sleek lines and geometric flair, panelled accent walls or full rooms offer endless possibilities. In this guide, we've curated our favourite wall panelling ideas from customers and collaborators who have transformed their homes using our diverse selection of quality wood and speciality panels. Discover how the right colours, textures, and materials can cultivate any desired aesthetic.

1) Classic white panels

Classic white wall panelling offers a timeless and versatile foundation for any interior design style. Its crisp, bright appearance creates a fresh, airy backdrop that allows other elements in the room to truly shine. The clean simplicity of white panelled walls provides the perfect blank canvas to build upon.

oak slat wall panel in kitchen oak slat wall panel in kitchen

2) Natural wood tones

Enhance the warmth and cosiness of your interiors with wood wall panels in naturally rich oak, maple, walnut or other tones that effortlessly suit traditional or rustic décor.

We love the use of our slat panels as a feature wall in homestylistjo's kitchen.

pastel shaker wall panel pastel shaker wall panel

3) Soft pastel panels

Pastel tones have a way of creating an instant sense of serenity and romance in interior spaces. When used for wall panelling, hues like blush pinks, sage greens, or sky blues provide a delicate backdrop.

Lauren's decision to use our shaker wall panel kit in a pastel pink shade was brilliant for cultivating a dreamy ambience in her living room.


navy shaker wall panels in white bedroom navy shaker wall panels in white bedroom

4) Rich navy panels

Evoke a sense of elegance with gorgeous navy blue wall panelling.

We love the combination of our shaker wall panels finished in a rich navy, complimenting the otherwise neutral tones of homebird15's bedroom.

pastel shaker wall panel pastel shaker wall panel

5) Maximise storage with bulit-in shelving

Add functionality by integrating built-in shelving units on top of your wall panelling design for ample display and storage space that looks seamlessly stylish.

With our custom height shaker kit, The House That Built Hattie added a shelf as a dado rail, creating a crisp, eye-catching contrast against the wall


black shaker wall panels in livng room black shaker wall panels in livng room

6) Sleek, moody black

Make a daring statement by cloaking your walls in sleek black panelling. The deep hue exudes sophistication and drama.  Our black shaker panels create a modern minimalist vibe, as you can see in Life At No. 5's living room, while distressed black panels can lend rustic intrigue.


7) Dynamic geometric shapes

Geometric and modern wall panels are the epitome of sleek, contemporary design. Their clean lines, sharp-angled shapes, and crisp architectural edges create a stylish, minimalist aesthetic that exudes sophistication. These panels are the perfect choice for those seeking to embrace a modern, pared-down interior style without sacrificing visual interest.

white half height shaker wall panel in hallway white half height shaker wall panel in hallway

8) Only going half height

Create a classic look with half-height wall panelling that covers the lower portion of the walls.

As you can see from Jen's hallway, this wainscoting style lends elegance and visual interest while protecting walls from scuffs and wear in high-traffic areas.


white beaded shaker wall panelling with tiles white beaded shaker wall panelling with tiles

9) Incorporate tile inserts

Add eye-catching dimension and texture by combining wood wall panelling with tile inserts or accents.

Paired with our beaded shaker panelling kit, this design approach from The Johnson Residence creates a truly distinctive, personalized look


tongue and groove wall panels in bedroom tongue and groove wall panels in bedroom

10) Contemporary tongue & groove panels

Create a seamless, unified look by installing tongue and groove wood wall panels, with the appearance of interlocking planks that fit together with precision

With our v-grooved MDF panels, Shelley created a flawless, contemporary feature wall.


11) Wall panelling up the staircase

Staircases are often overlooked areas when it comes to home design and décor. However, by incorporating stylish wall panelling, you can transform these functional spaces into true architectural showpieces.

As Charlotte discovered, our classic shaker wall panels were the perfect solution to elevate her open staircase from a simple transitional area into an eye-catching focal point.

green traditional wall panels in bedroom green traditional wall panels in bedroom

12) Natural green tones

Introduce nature's calming beauty indoors with green wall panelling in hues inspired by the outdoors.

Sage and olive tones cultivate an organic, tranquil ambience, while this bolder emerald shade in the bedroom of Beech Lodge really enlivens the space.

reeded MDF wall panels on vanity unit reeded MDF wall panels on vanity unit

13) Not just for walls

Take wall panelling to the next level by incorporating it into your furniture and built-in pieces.

With our reeded MDF panels, Andrew added warmth, texture and architectural interest to this vanity unit.

Feeling inspired?

Are you ready to undertake your own wall panelling project? Don't settle for dull, forgettable walls when you can elevate your interior style through the timeless beauty and incomparable warmth of wood wall paneling. Explore our panel ranges and prepare to be inspired by the possibilities. Your dream paneled space is simply waiting to be created.

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