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What are Acrylic Sheets Used For? 6 Uses You Didn't Know

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acrylic sheet for aquarium
7 February 2018 Edited 1 February 2024 3 min read
What are Acrylic Sheets Used For? 6 Uses You Didn't Know

Over the last few years, the use of acrylic sheets to manufacture everyday products has increased. Durable, lightweight and less expensive than glass, it is a practical choice for commercial and personal use.

Acrylic sheets have become the preferred choice for many businesses and homeowners for everyday items such as tabletop protectors, large acrylic mirrors and plastic double glazing.

Items from pole signs to windows and TV screens are now made from acrylic sheets. With numerous advantages over glass, many industries are now using acrylic sheets. A very versatile material, acrylic is chosen increasingly for its durability, impact, strength, and variety of coloured acrylic choices. Here are some of the more unconventional uses of acrylic sheets:

Submarine view window

Large aquarium case

Aeroplane canopy

Submarine windows

Acrylic is one of the most durable materials and possesses water-resistant properties. Because of this quality, acrylic is one of the most suitable materials to be used in making submarine windows. The clarity of clear acrylic sheets allows visitors to look around the wonders of the ocean.

Acrylic aeroplane canopies

An aeroplane canopy is a transparent enclosure over the cockpit of an aircraft, designed to provide a weatherproof and quiet environment for the pilot. As it is lightweight and shatter-resistant, acrylic is also used to help minimise aerodynamic drag.

Windows for swimming pools

Glass look acrylic sheets are flexible, inexpensive and are a great alternative to glass and are often used in luxury pool design. Being both UV-resistant and durable, acrylic is the ideal product to make that garden pool a feature to be admired for the aesthetic as well as the practical. A pool with acrylic viewing windows (or made completely from acrylic panels) also allows swimming instructors and diving coaches to observe their students when they’re in the water.

Acrylic handcrafts

High-quality transparent acrylic sheets are considered to be a versatile craft medium. Less expensive and more durable than glass, any acrylic creation you produce will last you years.

Acrylic aquariums

Though you might think it is the case, not all aquariums are made from glass. These days, most commercial and home aquariums are made from acrylic, as it’s much easier to mould, and can be formed into many different shapes. Also, many companies offer acrylic sheets cut to size since it is easier to cut than glass. Acrylic aquariums provide a much clearer view of what’s within, and the sheets are available in various colours. In addition, acrylic is much lighter than glass, making it easier to move when necessary. As it’s cheaper to repair acrylic is the ideal choice if you’re looking to build an aquarium or vivarium for the more exotic family pet.

Acrylic helmet

When you ride a bike it’s a sensible safety precaution to make sure you wear a helmet. Acrylic helmets are lightweight, durable, inexpensive and scratch-free. All of these properties make acrylic helmets the preferred choice for many bikers.

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