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How to Clean an Acrylic Mirror

How to Clean an Acrylic Mirror
4 September 2018 Edited 30 January 2024 2 min read
How to Clean an Acrylic Mirror

Acrylic mirrors make a great alternative to glass mirrors as they’re much more impact-resistant and don’t shatter if they happen to break, so they’re safer too. Acrylic mirrors offer excellent value for money and because you can cut them to any shape or size, they offer versatility too. Acrylic sheet is incredibly easy to work with and install, as it’s lightweight despite its durability, and it can be cut with just a simple fine-toothed hand saw or Stanley knife. Acrylic also adapts well to different temperatures, so it’s great for a variety of applications in and around your home, or commercial spaces. With the right care, acrylic mirrors can last in great condition for up to 20 years.

To maintain the appearance of your acrylic mirror and ensure that it stays looking its best for years to come, here are a few tips for keeping your mirror clean. Firstly, remove any dust from the surface using a lint-free cloth – microfibre cloths are great for cleaning acrylic. You can add a splash of mild soap to warm water and use this to clean the mirror too, wipe it afterwards with a chamois leather cloth to avoid any streaks. This will help to remove any static charge from the sheet, particularly right after you’ve removed the protective film after installation and will help to avoid attracting more dust.

Don’t be tempted to use solvents, such as turpentine, methylated spirits or harsh chemical cleaners, as these will cause irreversible damage to the surface of the mirror. If your mirror develops any light scratches, these can be removed easily using a good quality plastic polish and a soft cloth. Follow the instructions on the container and gently buff away the scratches using small circular movements. Finally, remove any residue with a clean soft cloth and your mirror should be looking good as new once again.

The versatility of mirrored acrylic means you’re not limited to just bathrooms and bedrooms – it can also be used to great effect as gym or dance studio mirrors and even on the backs of doors to open up smaller rooms and reflect more light into the space. The opportunities for creating a unique and stylish mirror are practically endless – you can create a mirror from virtually any design to give a fun and modern element to your home.

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