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Acrylic Sheet or Glass? Which One is Better for a Greenhouse?

acrylic vs glass greenhouse windows
6 August 2017 Edited 1 February 2024 3 min read
Acrylic Sheet or Glass? Which One is Better for a Greenhouse?

In recent years, acrylic sheets in greenhouses have become increasingly popular and look set to overtake glass as the main material used for covering greenhouses. However, both of them are designed to meet different criteria making with different advantages. In this article, we will take a look at the advantages of using acrylic sheets over glass.


Plants grow optimally when there is between 70% and 75% of light. Diffused light is important for a greenhouse, acrylic sheets have been designed for use as a light diffuser. As acrylic sheets are thicker than glass, they provide better light diffusion than standard glass. All the plants in the greenhouse will get an equal amount of sunlight, which is essential for plant growth. Lesser or no light diffusion can cause the greenhouse to overheat hence, the burning effect. Acrylic sheets have natural ultraviolet filters, which protect your plants from excessive exposure to harmful radiation.

Long Lasting

Greenhouses are in house gardens, which makes them prone to a lot of damage. Greenhouses made with glass are an expensive risk in a garden where children play with balls. Acrylic sheets are perfect for use as greenhouse glass, it is stronger than traditional glass, which enables it to take much more damage. Replacing glass is a hassle, as the right size has to be found and it is usually replaced by a contractor as glass is a complex material. Acrylic sheets are strong with an impact resistance being 6 to 7 times greater than glass. However, when it comes to the replacement of acrylic sheets, it is much easier. In case of any damage or other circumstances, you can replace the acrylic sheets yourself.

Cost effective

A few years back people couldn’t even think about building a greenhouse with acrylic sheets. As it seemed expensive to them and more importantly it went against a traditional, existing style. With the growing passage of time prices of acrylic sheets kept decreasing and people started choosing acrylic sheets for building greenhouses. The increase in the use of acrylic sheets is mainly due to scientific advancements, in refining the chemical process through which plastic is made.

Light weight

Glass can be very heavy, particularly once it is over a certain thickness, so it needs a lot of extra support to hold it safely in place. Acrylic is extremely lightweight when compared to a sheet of glass. It weighs less than half, an important factor when mounting larger windows and panels on a greenhouse.

Extended plant growth

Acrylic sheets have a significant impact on the overall performance of a greenhouse, which means that because of acrylic sheet greenhouse there can be extensive plant growth.  This lets you grow your favourite fruits and vegetables throughout the year. Acrylic sheets save you from artificial heating, misuse of electricity, time and cost.

Although people still love classic-style glass greenhouses, if you compare the advantages of both materials acrylic sheets win over the glass. Acrylic sheets are gradually taking over the glass and it might not take too long for acrylic greenhouses to take over glass greenhouses completely.

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