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Display Case for LEGO® Batman Gotham Skyline (76271)

£74.95 Inc. VAT
  Ships in just 7 days!
   Customisable base & backboard
   Protects from UV light, damage & dust
   Easy to assemble with instructions included

Introducing the ultimate display case for the highly-anticipated LEGO® DC 76271 Batman: The Animated Series Gotham City set – a true masterpiece that deserves to be showcased in all its glory! Crafted with 3mm clear acrylic, this display case is easy to assemble with precut slots and the included corner brackets. Perspex acrylic has 100% clarity whilst protecting Gotham City from dust and accidental breakages. All of our display cases are also customisable. You can choose from clear or coloured acrylic for the base and backboard allowing you to proudly display the intricate detail of the iconic Gotham City skyline and its legendary inhabitants in style.

Exterior dimensions:  450mm (h) x 800mm (w) x 100mm (d)
Material: 3mm Perspex® Acrylic

Need a different size? We can make you a custom acrylic display case in any size.

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£74.95 Inc. VAT
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Fast Delivery

Made to order & shipped in 7 days!


100% Clarity

Giving a crystal-clear view of your collectables


Ultimate Protection

From dust, damage & harmful UV light



Choose your base & backboard colours


Easy to assemble

Corner brackets, screws & instructions included

made in the uk

Made in the UK

From 100% recyclable Perspex Acrylic

Display Case for LEGO® Batman Gotham Skyline (76271)

Released in April 2024, the LEGO® DC 76271 Batman: The Animated Series Gotham City set is no ordinary build. With an astounding 2,363 pieces, it's a true test of patience, skill, and determination – a challenge worthy of the Dark Knight himself. Imagine the sense of accomplishment as you carefully construct each iconic landmark, from the towering spires of the Gotham Cathedral to the gritty alleys where Batman prowls, ever vigilant against the forces of evil. Once you’ve finished it, you are going to want to proudly display it in your home without the worry of it getting knocked over.

Ultimate Protection

Protecting your prized LEGO® creation from the ravages of time, this display case is made of 3mm clear acrylic, which blocks harmful UV light, ensuring that the colours and intricate designs remain as vivid as the day you completed your build. This is an excellent alternative to a glass display case which is more likely to break and turn yellow over the years from sunlight.

Quick Delivery

Ensuring your prized display case arrives at your doorstep in pristine condition is of utmost importance. Your order will be expertly cut and packaged within our state-of-the-art technology and facilities, and then shipped to you with the protective film still on the Perspex® ready for you to remove once it arrives. You can expect your display case for your Lego® masterpiece to be cut, packaged and shipped within 7 days of ordering.

Easy Assembly

Your display case will be delivered as a flatpack to give it extra protection during shipping. The cases have all been designed with easy assembly in mind. They have precut slots and corner bracket fixings which are included in your order. With full instructions provided, you'll have your masterpiece on display in no time, ready to be admired by fellow LEGO® enthusiasts and Batman fans alike.


For those who crave a touch of personalisation, you'll be delighted to know that you can customise the base and backboard colours to perfectly complement your LEGO® masterpiece or match the décor of your display space. Whether you prefer a sleek monochrome look, would like a pop of colour or would like to leave your case all clear so you can view it from all angles, the choice is yours.

Made in the UK

Our acrylic display cases are a testament to our commitment to minimising our ecological footprint. By sourcing materials and manufacturing locally, we significantly reduce the carbon emissions associated with long-distance transportation, ensuring a prompt 7-day shipping timeline while actively contributing to a greener planet. The clear acrylic Perspex® material used in our cases is not only renowned for its exceptional clarity but is also 100% recyclable, making it an environmentally responsible choice for showcasing your cherished LEGO® masterpieces.

Please note that the LEGO® set is not included in this pack. 

The exterior dimensions of this case are 450mm x 800mm x 100mm.

Our display cases are all shipped with a protective film covering the surface which will be blue or green in colour. Please remove the film carefully to reveal the clear see-through effect once you receive your order.

All of our acrylic display cases boast an innovative stackable design which not only optimises space but also simplifies the assembly process. For now, the stackable design only applies to two or more of the same product display case. However, due to the size of this Lego® set, we would not recommend stacking these vertically as it may compromise the stability of your case. 

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