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Rectangular Perspex® Acrylic Display Case

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   Stackable design
   Customisable base & backboard
   Protects from UV light, damage & dust
   Easy to assemble with instructions included

Are you a collector, curator, or simply someone who appreciates the finer things in life? Our rectangular acrylic display cases are designed to elevate your most prized possessions, transforming them into stunning centrepieces that demand attention and admiration. Whether you're showcasing your cherished antiques, treasured figurines, signed memorabilia, or intricate model cars, these display cases are the perfect canvases to showcase your passion.

Need a different size? We can create a custom acrylic display case in any size you require.

Please note: only matching sizes are stackable.

Material: 3mm Perspex® Acrylic

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As low as £47.95 Inc. VAT
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Fast delivery

Fast Delivery

Made in the UK & shipped in 7 days!


100% Clarity

Giving a crystal-clear view of your collectables


Ultimate Protection

From dust, damage & harmful UV light


Stackable design

Create a display wall of same sized cases



Choose your base & backboard colours


Easy to assemble

Corner brackets, screws & instructions included

Rectangular Acrylic Display Cases

Whether you're a passionate collector or simply someone who appreciates the art of curation, our rectangular acrylic display cases are the ultimate solution for showcasing your most prized possessions. Embrace the joy of sharing your passions with the world, and let your treasures shine in all their glory.

Speedy Delivery: Satisfying Your Impatience

We understand the anticipation that comes with adding a new piece to your collection or curating a fresh display. That's why our acrylic display cases are shipped within an impressive 7 days, ensuring that your wait is kept to a minimum. Imagine the thrill of unboxing your new display case and immediately protecting your collectables from harmful UV light, dust and damage.

Ultimate Protection: Preserving Your Treasures

Over time, exposure to harmful UV rays can cause fading, discoloration, and even damage to your cherished items. But fear not, for our display cases are designed with UV-resistant properties, effectively shielding your valuables from the detrimental effects of these harmful rays. Your pieces will remain vibrant and pristine for years to come, allowing future generations to appreciate their beauty.

100% Clarity: A Window into Your World

Imagine your most beloved pieces bathed in crystal-clear clarity, their every detail meticulously highlighted for all to admire. Our acrylic display cases boast an unparalleled 100% clarity, ensuring that your prized possessions take centre stage. No more worrying about distortions or obstructions – just pure, unadulterated viewing pleasure.

Stackable Design: Creating Your Own Gallery

Imagine transforming your living space into a personal museum, a gallery where your passions come alive. Our stackable design empowers you to curate an entire wall dedicated to your collection. Whether you're a die-hard sports memorabilia collector with an ever-growing inventory or a discerning collector of rare figurines, our display cases allow you to organise and showcase your pieces in a cohesive and visually stunning manner.

Customisable Style: A Reflection of You

Why settle for a one-size-fits-all display when you can make it truly your own? Our acrylic display cases offer the unique ability to customise the base and backboard colours, allowing you to create a display that perfectly complements your décor and personal style. From vibrant hues that add a pop of colour to understated tones that exude sophistication, the choice is yours.

Easy Assembly: Empowering Your Creativity

Assembling our acrylic display cases is a breeze, thanks to our user-friendly design featuring corner brackets and screws. And with comprehensive instructions provided, even the most novice of DIY-ers can confidently construct their display cases, transforming them into stunning showcases for their beloved items.


Material Perspex Acrylic
Finishes Clear, Coloured, Mirrored
Base Thickness 5mm
Side and Top Thickness 3mm
Fire Rating UK Class 1 Fire Rating
Water Absorption 0.01%
Manufacturers Tolerances +/- 10% plus 0.4mm (e.g. 5mm cast sheet could vary from 4.1mm to 5.9mm)
Cutting Tolerances +/- 1mm

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