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Display case for LEGO® PAC-MAN Arcade (10323)

£53.95 Inc. VAT
  Ships in just 7 days!
   Stackable design
   Customisable base & backboard
   Protects from UV light, damage & dust
   Easy to assemble with instructions included

Calling all retro gaming enthusiasts and Lego® builders! Introducing the ultimate display solution for your iconic LEGO® PAC-MAN Arcade set (10323) – our meticulously crafted acrylic display case. Made of 3mm clear acrylic, this case is designed to showcase the intricate details and nostalgic charm of this beloved creation whilst protecting it from dust and prying hands. You can also personalise it by choosing a coloured backboard and base for extra customisation. You will receive this display case as a flatpack, which is easy to assemble using the precut slotted sides and corner brackets provided. It’s a must-have for any true classic game collector!

External dimensions: 424mm (h) x 350mm (w) x 230mm (d)
Material: 3mm Perspex® Acrylic

Need a different size? We can make you a custom acrylic display case in any size.

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£53.95 Inc. VAT
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Fast Delivery

Made in the UK & shipped in 7 days!


100% Clarity

Giving a crystal-clear view of your collectables


Ultimate Protection

From dust, damage & harmful UV light


Stackable design

Create a display wall of same sized cases



Choose your base & backboard colours


Easy to assemble

Corner brackets, screws & instructions included

Display case for Lego® PAC-MAN Arcade (10323)

Did you know that a yellow Lego® brick inspired the yellow colour of Pacman? Well, you do now! 

Embrace the nostalgia of classic arcade gaming and elevate your Lego® PAC-MAN Arcade to new heights with our acrylic display case. Order now and experience the ultimate in protection, presentation, and pride of ownership for your beloved creation.

Ultimate Protection

Crafted with 3mm clear Perspex® acrylic, our display case boasts an unparalleled 100% clarity, ensuring that every pixel, brick, and detail of your Lego® PAC-MAN Arcade is on full display. Exposure to harmful UV rays can cause discolouration and fading, diminishing the vibrancy of your prized LEGO® set over time. Our display case is designed to block 100% of UV light, safeguarding your Arcade and the world of PAC-MAN, Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde.

Quick Delivery

We pride ourselves on our lightning-fast delivery times, ensuring that your display case is cut, packaged and shipped within 7 days of placing your order. That means your PAC-MAN Arcade display solution is just a few clicks away!

Easy Assembly

We understand the importance of a hassle-free display solution, which is why our display case is designed for effortless assembly. This display case arrives flat-packed for extra protection during shipping, but for easy installation, we have utilised a secure corner bracket and screw system. With our comprehensive guide, we will walk you through each step so that you can have your display case assembled in no time - allowing you to focus on what matters most – showcasing your LEGO® masterpiece. Furthermore, in case you need to access your model, our design allows for easy disassembly.

Stackable Design

Our display cases are designed to be versatile and space-efficient. We have engineered them carefully to ensure that they can be stacked to enhance their usability. This unique feature is enabled by using the base design of duplicate orders as a mount, which ensures a secure and stable stacking configuration.

Please take note that due to our innovative slotting mechanism and precise positioning of slots unique to each product, stacking is only possible with identical display case designs. This implies that two different product designs cannot be stacked together. We advise against vertically stacking two PACMAN arcade models due to their size and weight, as it may compromise the stability of your display cases.


While our clear acrylic display case allows for an unobstructed view of your LEGO® PAC-MAN Arcade, we understand that sometimes a subtle backdrop can elevate the overall aesthetics and create a truly personalised display. For those seeking a minimalist and sleek appearance, our neutral colour options – including classic black, crisp white, multiple shades of grey and a cold beige – offer the perfect canvas to showcase your PAC-MAN Arcade in its full glory. Imagine the vibrant hues of the PAC-MAN ghosts and iconic maze popping against a sophisticated black backdrop or the retro charm of the arcade cabinet complemented by a rich beige base.

Alternatively, if you prefer to maintain the uninterrupted clarity of the acrylic, you can opt for a seamless, all-clear display case. This choice allows the intricate details and vibrant colours of your LEGO® creation to take centre stage, creating a truly immersive experience that transports you back to the golden age of arcade gaming.

All of our cases are shipped with a protective film covering the surface. Please remove the film carefully to reveal the clear see-through effect once you receive your order.

Made in the UK

Nestled in the tranquil UK countryside, our dedicated warehouse is where the magic unfolds. Each Lego® display case is meticulously handcrafted with a commitment to excellence. From carefully sourcing the finest materials to the precise packaging of your order, our skilled artisans pour their passion into ensuring your display case arrives in good condition, ready to showcase your prized LEGO® creation.

Aligning with our sustainable practices, we prioritise locally sourcing our materials within the UK. By minimising transport emissions and supporting domestic suppliers, we actively reduce our environmental footprint. Furthermore, our commitment to sustainability extends to the use of eco-friendly clear Perspex® acrylic, a 100% recyclable material that ensures your display case is not only a work of art but also a responsible choice for our planet.

Please note that the LEGO® set is not included in this pack. 

The external dimensions of this display case are 424mm x 350mm x 230mm. 

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