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Display Case For Four LEGO® Helmets

£68.95 Inc. VAT
  Ships in just 7 days!
   Stackable design
   Customisable base & backboard
   Protects from UV light, damage & dust
   Easy to assemble with instructions included

Are you a collector of LEGO® helmets from Star Wars, Marvel, or DC Comics? Then you need the ultimate showcase to display your prized possessions! Our acrylic display case is the perfect solution. With its premium design, it can house five legendary helmets, while providing superior protection against damage and dust. You can even customise the base and backboard colours to match your style. And with our unique stackable design, you can create a whole display wall of your favourite helmets.

External dimensions: 262mm (h) x 735mm (w) x 202mm (d)
Material: 3mm Perspex® Acrylic

Need a different size? We can make you a custom acrylic display case in any size.

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£68.95 Inc. VAT
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Fast Delivery

Made in the UK & shipped in 7 days!


100% Clarity

Giving a crystal-clear view of your collectables


Ultimate Protection

From dust, damage & harmful UV light


Stackable design

Create a display wall of same sized cases



Choose your base & backboard colours


Easy to assemble

Corner brackets, screws & instructions included

Display Case for 4 LEGO® Helmets

Ultimate Protection

In a world where your Lego® helmet collection should take centre stage, our display cases will protect them from dust and prying hands Whether your Lego® helmets are from the realms of Star Wars, Marvel or DC comics, our display cases will shield them from the damaging effects of sunlight with up to 90% UV protection. Crafted from clear Perspex® acrylic, our display case for four helmets offers unrivalled clarity and durability which ensures your treasured helmets are showcased in their magnificence whilst avoiding damage from external sources.

Stackable Design

Our unique stackable design enables you to showcase all 20 Lego® helmets if you want to,  in a completely personalised display case. You can choose from a variety of backboard colours to create a dynamic and fun display. Our display cases provide the perfect backdrop to showcase your favourite heroes and villains, whether it's the sleek sophistication of the Star Wars universe, the vibrant energy of Marvel's superheroes, or the brooding intensity of DC Comics' icons.

Fast Delivery

We understand that you will want to receive your display case promptly, which is why our team ensures that your order is cut, packed and shipped within 7 days of purchase. We take great care to package your display case securely, so it arrives at your doorstep in pristine condition, ready for you to start showcasing your LEGO® helmets.

Easy Assembly

Our goal is to ensure that you can set up your display case as quickly and easily as possible, so you can protect and display your valuable collectables without delay. We flat pack your display cases which are covered by a blue protective film to ensure they arrive in pristine condition. Once they arrive, you can peel off the film and assemble your cases in minutes thanks to our user-friendly design. All you need to do s slot it together and screw in the corner brackets. The only tool you will need is a screwdriver! 

Made in the UK

Our display cases are proudly made in the UK by skilled craftsmen. Every case is meticulously crafted with precision and care, ensuring the highest standards of quality. From the selection of materials to the assembly process, every step is executed with expertise and dedication to ensure that our customers receive only the best.

Preserve Your Iconic Helmets

Apart from the materials and technology used, our team's exceptional knowledge and enthusiasm make us stand out. We recognise the passion of conserving these legendary characters' helmets and this fuels our drive to provide the highest quality products to our fellow collectors. We conducted lengthy research and prototyping to create these display cases, which come with a protective film that can be easily removed upon arrival, revealing a crystal-clear finish. 

Our cases are made from 3mm clear Perspex® acrylic, which provides an excellent solution to keep delicate models safe and free from dust, while still allowing them to remain easily visible. The material is not only UV-resistant but also stronger than glass and shatterproof, making it an ideal option to protect up to 4 Lego® helmets. Additionally, our cases are eco-friendly as they are crafted from 100% recyclable acrylic, which is highly durable and won't fade or yellow over time.

Please note that Lego® helmet sets are not included in this kit. 

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