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Essential Spring Gardening Tips

As the days get longer, and the warmer weather picks up, sitting back and watching your garden thrive is the best way to spend a summer's day. But before we get overexcited and imagine our gardens blooming, we first need to dust off our gardening gloves and get our thumbs all green so that we will have something to celebrate.

We will take you through some of the steps needed to check your garden is in a great growing condition so that in the months to come you can transform your garden into something breathtaking and make it your own ready for when spring begins.

While we don’t claim to be as good as Monty Don from Gardener’s World in preparing your garden for the spring, hopefully, this will give you some ideas on how to decorate your spring garden.

It would help if we started by answering the simplest question:

When does spring begin?

Spring begins this year on Saturday 20 March 2021 and lasts until Monday 21 June 2021.

With that in mind, let us begin preparation so that we can have ample time in getting our spring gardens ready and when the warmer climates roll around we will have less to do.


For those seedlings you planted in the late months of winter, your greenhouse has been their nursery, but as the days get longer, it is important to focus on getting their home ready for the growing season so the seeds can bud into blossoming flowers beds.

Remember to clean those windows, and remove any bubble insulation to allow the sprouts to come through. If you notice any windows are damaged or in need of replacement, our polycarbonate sheets will stand up to last longer than traditional glass and can be installed ready for the growing season.

It is also worth checking out for signs of any pests, as over the colder months, local furry friends can often find protection from the harsh winter months inside our greenhouses. Signs that they’ve visited can include nests, droppings, tracks or marks, and eggs.

Perspex acrylic greenhouse windows

Greenhouse Windows

Is your greenhouse looking a little worse for wear? Get windows the perfect size at a fraction of the cost of glass with our cut to size acrylic and polycarbonate sheets. We now also offer HIPs as yet an even more budget-friendly option.

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Garden Ornaments and Wilflife

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes, and no matter how big or small your garden is, you can still do something to be proud of making use of some clever garden design plans. Whether it’s building a cold frame or propagating small potted plants, to building your own botanical garden, it is all achievable and definitely encouraged!

If you’re looking where to start in transforming your spring garden, we would recommend mowing any lawns that need a trim when it’s dry enough to do so and putting those clippings in a compost bin ready to fertilise next year’s growth.

Gardens though aren’t just a place for you. They can be a habitat for a wide range of local wildlife throughout the year, so why not take this time to build a birdhouse for our feathered friends? Plus for those with children, birdwatching will be a great learning opportunity for rainy days. You can make your own bird box out of our plywood! The RSPB have a great guide for how to make one at home yourself.

Hardwood plywood sample

Cut to Size Hardwood Plywood

Caught the DIY bug in the nice weather? We don't blame you, but why stop at a birdbox? Get your hands dirty and build those raised planting beds you've always wanted. With our cut to size hardwood plywood, you can get your hands a little less dirty as there's no faff of cutting and sanding required.

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Plants and Flowers

Arguably the most important part of a garden, adding colour and life. From beginning to sow seeds that yield great results from the spring, like planting pansies to daffodils or hydrangea or edibles like raspberries or broccoli, now is the time to begin planning what to grow for harvest in the summer and autumn.

Spring flower beds will give colour and decoration to your garden while longer growing buds come through, and if you plant fruits or vegetables you’ll have something to eat when they’re ripe to harvest.

Inspiration and knowing what to plant over the coming months can come in many forms, but we recommend taking a journey down to your local nursery and taking in all the different colours and smells that would compliment the space you have.

It is also important to consider building a cold frame that can be used to acclimatise certain plants to warmer temperatures ready for repotting where they would otherwise struggle from the harsh winter months.

Cold frames are best made with our polycarbonate sheeting that allows for a 92% light transmission and becomes a better option for those looking to store during those harsher climates. Alternatively, cold frames can also be used indoors, on a smaller scale and made into a propagation tray to be placed on a windowsill for those with limited outdoor space.

Cold frame with acrylic perspex glazing

Cold Frame Glazing

Give your precious plants that helping hand and protect them during those freaking UK cold snaps we're all too used to experiencing during spring. Our cold frame glazing is available in a selection of materials to suit any budget, with thickness and exact dimensions entirely customisable.

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