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Shed Windows Influence the Style of Your Shed

Shed windows are important parts of the shed similar to the roof and the door. People take time in deciding its layout simply because various designs translate to different kinds of sheds. However, some forget that shed windows also contribute and influence the overall appearance, function, and atmosphere of the shed. This is quite unfortunate since some people tend to overlook this critical detail.

Take for example the two sheds below. Both have the same layout except for the doors and windows. The shed on the left with its double doors and small windows with shutters could serve as storage space since it gives away a look that maximizes every nook and cranny of the shed. On the other hand, the shed on the right with its smaller door and wider windows give a sense of a workshop considering it allows more ventilation and natural light to come in.

Window Frame Materials

The first thing to consider in making shed windows is the material you will be using for the frame. You can choose from the more popular materials like wood, PVC, or aluminium and these materials vary depending on the style and function they will be serving. Listed below are the differences in their characteristics:

  • Wooden window frames need to be painted properly and with a thicker coating to prevent them from being damaged by the weather. Different paints can be applied to give a more colourful appearance.
  • Unlike wooden frames, PVC window frames usually come in predetermined colours they do not fade over time since the material is dyed itself. The downside to this, though, is it becomes brittle and not environment friendly after a long period of time.
  • Lastly, aluminium window frames are very durable and come in a variety of anodized finishes. Since it is aluminium, it does not rust easily and gives good corrosion resistance without it being high maintenance. The material might cost higher than the others, but based on its characteristics, it is worth the price.

These materials all have their pros and cons but the choice is up to you depending on your budget and the amount of time you are willing to give to maintain the window frames.

Window Glass

Second, to consider is the type of glass you will be using. In choosing, take to mind the intended use of the shed itself. If the shed is mainly for storage purposes, plastic sheets or standard glass windows might be a suitable option. If you intend to grow plants inside the shed, a horticultural glass can let more heat pass through. The only downside to using horticultural glass is that it is thinner than other glasses and can easily break into sharp shards. On the other hand, if you are looking into both saving energy and design, toughened glass is your best choice since it is more energy-efficient than a double glazed window.

Window Styles

After deciding on which type of glass you will be using, the next step is to know the kind of style your shed window will have. Again, this depends on your preference or need so you can choose among a number of different shapes, sizes, and styles. Hopefully this article can guide you in selecting the shed windows you prefer.

If you wish to have light fill the room and have proper ventilation, a fixed window should be installed. Keep in mind that design is not the primary concern here. If functionality is the priority, then a shed window with a side hung or a top hung casement is suitable.

When you want a more decorative looking window, especially when the shed is going to be used as a garden office, you can opt to have a double-hung sliding sash window or horizontal sliding sash window installed.

Nonetheless, even if there are various styles of windows, it is important to remember that each style affects the overall appearance and functionality of the shed.

Shed Security Windows

Now, you might consider security as a factor in building shed windows. When you want to give the contents of your shed the utmost security, security windows can be installed. This kind of window is usually set at a higher level than normal ones for people to refrain from seeing the inside of the shed. This kind of window is also too narrow for anything to be brought out or put in without using the door.

If you do not need this kind of security, then installing steel bars on your windows can do the trick. Another option is to have smaller windows that will not allow anything to be passed through them.

Shed Window Shutters

Finally, you might want to consider installing window shutters. Shutters can serve as additional security because they can be closed or locked. They can also prevent light from entering the shed. To add to that, you can install blinds instead of shutters simply because they serve the same purpose. They prevent neighbours or strangers from seeing what is stored in your shed as well.

Painted shed with acrylic shed windows

Replacement Shed Windows

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