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Over the years acrylic splashbacks have become a preferred choice for number of home owners and constructors. Apart from being hygienically approved, they serve as a shield for the protection of walls and surrounding from dirt, grime and stains. Available in a wide range of colours, splashbacks can resist heat and last long for years. Being 25 times stronger than glass splashbacksplastic sheet splashbacks are easy to install and budget-friendly.

Since, the selection of acrylic splashback is a daunting task, we have therefore compiled a list of tips and important factors which might help you for the selection of perfect acrylic splashback:

Get quality ones:

It is important to get a high quality acrylic splashback from a recommended supplier, retailer or a manufacturer. However, while purchasing an acrylic splashback always trust on the visual appearance which ensures a durability and longevity of the material. It is advisable to always inspect the clarity of the material and opt for the ones that look the most like glass.

Compare the cost:

Most acrylic plastic splashbacks are supplied in single sheets of a fixed size. However, you can save a huge amount of money by opting for “cut-to-size” option while you are planning to purchase a splashback. Moreover, the cutting fee is included in the total cost. Additionally, the cost may vary if you are willing to pick up by your own or you are planning to avail transportation service from the manufacturer. However, we at cut my aims to offer competitive delivery price for seamless progression of the project.

Is the manufacturer offering a play piece?

Most of the consumers are unaware of the free trial cutting offer which help them to avoid potential mistake if they are planning to cut acrylic sheet themselves. It is advisable to avail a play piece, as it will eliminate the risk of potential mistake during actual cutting of the acrylic cut to size

Is the manufacturer providing installation instruction?

Before reaching a final decision, it is advisable to get the installation instructions from the manufacturer or seller. However, installation guidance on the instruction manual will eliminate the risk of potential mistakes during installation. Even though acrylic splashbacks are pretty easy to install, but having an instruction manual will cut-down the risk of uncertain happening.

Choose preferred colours:

Acrylic splashbacks are available in:

  • Spray painted
  • The splashback sheets can be layered by the coloured glue at the back

While you are planning to install acrylic splashback, it is of pivotal importance to understand the basic difference between spray painted acrylic or is it painted with coloured with glue at the back of the sheet. However, it is advisable to opt for the one which is painted by spray, as the glued process lacks the saturation and vibrancy of colours. In contrast, spray painted acrylic has a long lasting time and are available in an extensive range of colours to complement the décor of the house. Coloured acrylic is available in many variations so choose one that brings out the qualities of your room.

The luxury to afford acrylic mirror splashbacks makes it one of the most preferred options for constructors and home owners. However, if you are finding it difficult to choose from a number of options available in the market, then above-mentioned tips will guide you to choose best acrylic splashbacks for your home.