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An aesthetically designed drink bar can enhance the ambiance of your house. However, if you are planning to renovate the drink bar or you are willing to build a new one to ensure the durability. Then, acrylic might be the right option for you. With the evolution of acrylic sheets, most of the constructors and home owners prefer to opt for acrylic, as it cost-effective and serves as a great alternate for glass. Due to its durability, waterproof, sturdy and crystal clear quality, acrylic has become a choice for constructors.

Available in an extensive range of colours, finishes and thickness, acrylic is considered as one of the durable material for bar models including tops and shelves. With the option to get the desired cut to size of sheet with preferred design of cutting, working on acrylic is simpler as compared to glass or wood. However, by utilising expertise and right selection of tools you can transform the old rustic bar of your house into aesthetically designed drink bar with an amazing acrylic table top or splashback.

However, if you are planning to renovate drink bar by using acrylic, then you might need to consider following factors to achieve exceptional results:

Plan and prepare:

Before start building your drink bar, it is quite essential to plan out the construction of the bar. Start off by analysing the space that is required for the construction followed by the technical aspects of the construction (including the amount of material required and optimisation of right tools)

Choose the type of acrylic:

Selection of an acrylic is one of the pivotal steps of the construction, there is an extensive range of acrylic available in the market. Make up your mind before purchasing an acrylic sheet for the drink bar. It is advisable to choose the acrylic sheet cut to size which offers durability and strength for a longer period of time.

Decide the size of the bar:

The dimensions of the bar depends on factors including:

  • Size of the room
  • Cost of materials

Moreover, if you are planning to build back shelves or inside shelves, then, you must count in the dimensions of the added measures of the bar.

Pick the right thickness of the sheet:

After deciding dimensions of the bar, it is important to decide the thickness of the acrylic sheet. Make sure to pick thicker acrylic sheet which can uphold the design for a longer period of time.

Colour of the drink bar:

There are a number of coloured acrylic sheet variations available in the market. You can choose from an extensive range of options which might match up the bar design. Acrylics are usually available in standard colours and 16 different colours including grey acrylic, white acrylic, black acrylic, green acrylic and more. However, most of these are available in a matte finish or in glossy.

Also, check out adding a plastic garden mirror or plastic mirror to make your drink bar look completely different to any of your friends!

Using acrylic cement:

There are a number of ways to bond two acrylic sheets together. However, acrylic cement is one of the preferred ways to strengthen the bond between layers of the sheet. Moreover, you can apply cement by using a narrow nozzle to ensure the bond between sheets.

Either you have hired someone to build the drink bar or you are willing to do it by yourself. The above mentioned tips will allow you to build cost-effective and feasible drink bar.