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Pantone’s Colour of the Year has become more than just a way of seeing what’s trending in design – it’s often seen as a reflection of our culture and society too. In 2018, Pantone announced their Colour of the Year as Ultra Violet – a colour that is intended to conjure ingenuity, originality and imaginative thinking. Ultra Violet is a complex purple colour that is symbolic of the night sky, the expanse of the universe and what’s possible. The Pantone Colour Institute forecasts trends each year and advises other companies and brands on how to incorporate colour into their branding, identity and products. It’s become a key moment in the year for design industries who look to these seasonal forecasts as trend inspiration and to find ways to leverage the psychology and emotion of colour in their marketing strategy.

What was Pantone’s inspiration for Ultra Violet?

Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director for Pantone Colour Institute, said that our culture today requires more imagination and inventiveness than ever – “from exploring new technologies and the greater galaxy, to artistic expression and spiritual reflection, intuitive Ultra Violet lights to way to what is yet to come”. That creative inspiration is at the core of Ultra Violet – a blue-based purple that is daring and confident.

Purple has long been a colour that’s associated with counterculture and artists too, such as musical icons like Hendrix, Bowie and Prince, as a symbol of uniqueness and unconventionality. Pantone said that Ultra Violet has a mystical quality to it and is often used with meditative spaces for those seeking to get away from the stimulation of technology and our busy lifestyles. With this mind, this deep violet shade is designed to inspire more connectedness and self-expression.

How can the Colour of the Year be used?

Although Ultra Violet is a bold and intense colour, there are actually numerous ways it can be used in a host of different applications. When it comes to interior design, it’s a great colour for adding exceptional self-expression and vibrancy, whether it’s in the form of furniture, art or accents such as a feature wall or decorative touches in the bathroom or kitchen. It’s definitely a colour that’s designed to make a statement so it’s perfect for people who want to add impact to their home.

It’s also a brilliant colour for businesses to use, from packaging and graphic design to signage for retail or exhibitions or noticeboards, as it’s bold, complex and attention-grabbing. Why not use it as a decorative element for your business décor that helps your company stand out to visitors and clients? Whether it’s for a hanging sign or banner, a monolith sign or a window or wall decal, this powerful purple hue is a great colour that is sure to attract attention from passers-by. This is a colour that exudes confidence, luxury and non-conformity, so it’s a great pairing for businesses who want to create a lasting impression on their clients.