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Eagerly anticipated each year, Pantone’s 2019 Colour of the Year was announced as being Living Coral – a warm and vibrant yet mellow colour that aims to invigorate us in a continually shifting culture. Pantone stated that their choice for this year’s colour was based on a need for more immersive and authentic experiences in a world where we are increasingly governed by social media and technology. Living Coral is inspired by light-heartedness and optimism. It’s playful, bold and contemporary. The colour, as the name suggests, captures the lively ambience of underwater marine scenes and looks set to dominate design and fashion industries over the next year.

How is the Colour of the Year determined?

Pantone make their decision of the colour that represents the year through analysing the year’s colour trends and branding, looking to companies and how they’ve executed different colour combinations. With regards to Living Coral, Pantone looked to brands such as Airbnb and Apple for their use of coral over previous months, which influenced whether this colour would dominate throughout 2019. A team of colour experts look at all areas of the globe for influences, from the entertainment industry to technology, fashion, travel and events, as well as textures and effects that may impact the choice of colour.

For Living Coral, Pantone stated that they wanted a colour that was filled with “carefree happiness”, that symbolises our need for more joyful and mindful pursuits. Colour has a big impact on how we live our lives, from what we wear to the type of films we watch and where we travel to – much of what we do is impacted in some way by colour – so to have a colour that inspires reflection and supportive experiences is key at a time in our (often negative) global environment. What’s more, with so much additional focus on the planet and global warming, bringing attention to coral reefs makes this particular colour choice fitting.

Ways to Incorporate Pantone’s Colour of the Year into your Décor

For the next few months, companies will be taking influence from Pantone and finding new and innovative ways to use this colourful and vibrant hue. One area where this colour can work particularly well is in the home, whether it’s through painting your bedroom in the uplifting coral pink or by installing features for a dash of colour that’s not too overwhelming. For example, a splashback, wall covering or table protector in Pantone’s Living Coral colour is an affordable way to pay tribute to the hue without giving your décor an entire overhaul and can be installed or replaced quickly. Looking to the Colour of the Year each year for inspiration on how to update your home is a great way to step outside of your comfort zones and try new tones, whether it’s with your décor, fashion or the accessories you choose.